Astragalus, ORGANIC

Astragalus membranaceus

Perennial 3-4' shrub with pea-shaped yellow-white flowers. Tap roots of mature plant have been tradionally used used an immunostimulant in Chinese medicine (called huang qi). Scarify seed (lighty rub on fine sandpaper). Direct seed in spring for best germination. Full sun. Harvest 4-6 year old roots in the fall.

Average Seed / oz Seed / 100' Row Average Yield / 100' Row Days to Harvest
1-2 years
Planting Season Ideal Soil Temp Sun Frost Tolerance
Sowing Method Seed Depth Direct Seed Spacing Seeds Per Packet
1/4" 2/4"
Mature Spacing Days to Sprout Production Cycle Seed Viability
12-16" 4-12