Description: For the best melons, there is a short window of time between the transcendent flavor of perfectly ripe and perfectly rotten. To catch a melon at its peak, check the patch every other day when it's getting close, looking for tell-tale signs of cracking around the stem and full aromas. Those fruits must absolutely be harvested and eaten on the same day. For a more failsafe harvest indicator, fruit is ready when it slips easily from the vine. Beware! Deer loooove perfectly ripe melons too, so guard your patch well! Nutrients: vitamins A and C, (very high in both), K, B6, niacin, folate, potassium, magnesium, manganese and copper.


  • Amish Cantelope, ORGANIC

  • Charentais, ORGANIC

  • Edisto 47

  • Golden Beauty Casaba

  • Hearts of Gold

  • Hearts of Gold, ORGANIC

  • Kansas

  • Minnesota Midget

  • Piel de Sapo, ORGANIC

  • Sharlyn