Stinging Nettles

Urtica dioica

Drying or cooking eliminates the sting, and the attractive plants have a long history of use in herbal medicine. Young shoots taste like spinach and are rich in vitamins and iron. Nettles are the exclusive larval food plant for several species of butterfly. Part sun. Perennial.

Average Seed / oz Seed / 100' Row Average Yield / 100' Row Days to Harvest
180000 n/a n/a 90-110
Planting Season Ideal Soil Temp Sun Frost Tolerance
Spring/Fall 65-80°F Partial Sun Frost Sensitive
Sowing Method Seed Depth Direct Seed Spacing Seeds Per Packet
Direct Seed surface 4-6" 650
Mature Spacing Days to Sprout Production Cycle Seed Viability
36-42" 10-14 Perennial 5-6 years