Our Company


Sow True Seed was founded in 2009 to serve home gardeners, market growers and the seed saving community at large. The company seeks to promote and foster community sustainability by helping to preserve our shared botanical heritage and seed a new era of sustainable culture and ecological wisdom.

“I grew up eating food that had been grown for me by my grandma, who saved her seeds so she could plant next year,” says Carol Koury, founder and president of Sow True Seed. “We want sustainable regional agriculture, and every sustainable regional agriculture needs a seed company to hold it together.”

Located in downtown Asheville North Carolina at 146 Church Street, our Sow True Seed retail store and warehouse offers all of our 400+ varieties of vegetable, herb and flower seed.  We also sell seasonal items such as seed potato, seed onion, asparagus crowns, and sweet potato slips in the Spring, and seed garlic in the fall.  We offer our seed in packets as well as with competitive bulk prices, along with books, t-shirts, gift certificates and more!


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