Description: Most sweet and hot peppers begin green and then ripen to dizzying array of beautiful colors including red, orange, yellow and purple. Any variety of sweet bell pepper can be harvested as a green bell pepper, or left on the plant to fully ripen, becoming sweeter in the process. Hot peppers, often called chilies, can also be harvested at any stage in development and will sometimes take on new identities depending on whether they are harvested for fresh eating or dried. Ancho chilies, for example, are poblanos left to become red-ripe and then dried. Nearly every culinary tradition seems to have found a place for the joy (and occasional sorrow) of hot peppers. One or two plants will fit easily in any garden, and probably find its way into every dish! Nutrients: vitamins A, C, K, and B6.

Hot Pepper

  • Anaheim Chili

  • Anaheim Chili, ORGANIC

  • Big Jim, ORGANIC

  • Cayenne Large Thick

  • Cayenne Long Red Thin

  • Cayenne Long Slim

  • Chimayo, ORGANIC

  • Early Jalapeno

  • Fish Pepper

  • Habanero, Orange

  • Hungarian Yellow Hot Wax

  • Hungarian Yellow Hot Wax, ORGANIC

  • Padron, ORGANIC

  • Pasilla Bajio

  • Poblano

  • Santa Fe Grande

  • Serrano Tampequino

  • Tam Jalapeno

Sweet Pepper

  • Ashe County Pimento

  • Big Red

  • Corno Di Torro Rosso

  • Golden California Wonder, ORGANIC

  • Jimmy Nardello, ORGANIC

  • King of the North, ORGANIC

  • Marconi Red

  • Orange King

  • Purple Beauty

  • Sweet Banana

  • Sweet Jemison, ORGANIC

  • Yolo Wonder