Handmade Porcelain Mug + Herbal Infusion Collection

Straight from your garden and into your favorite tea mug! Enjoy our handmade porcelain mug with our Herbal Infusion Tea Collection as a set, packaged together (just as nature intended) for a 10% discount. A selection of five easy-to-grow varieties that make delicious teas. The hand packed collection contains: Organic Anise Hyssop, Lemon Mint Bee Balm, Borage, German Chamomile and Feverfew. The high contrast black and white graffito decoration features our favorite sunflowers and their seeds to inspire garden visions while enjoying your homegrown tea, with red, yellow, or green interior glazing. We will happily select an interior glaze color for you, or you can leave a comment at check-out to specify your color preference.

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1 copies $ 34.95