Description: These bushy or vining plants are found in every garden, often volunteering to guard the compost pile with large spreading leaves. Contrary to the name, winter squash is actually grown in the summer, started the same time as summer squash, but it takes much longer to mature. When it is ripe the fruits will have a hard outer shell and store all winter. Pumpkins are a type of winter squash that tends to be singled out for the orange rind and round shape. Summer squash are the same species as many winter squash but they are eaten at the immature stage, when the skin is still very delicate & tender.


  • Cinderella, ORGANIC

  • Connecticut Field

  • Jack-B-Little

  • New England Pie, ORGANIC

  • Small Sugar

  • Spookie Pie

  • Winter Luxury

  • Winter Luxury, ORGANIC

Summer Squash

  • Bennings Green Tint, ORGANIC

  • Black Beauty

  • Black Beauty, ORGANIC

  • Cocozelle Zucchini

  • Costata Romanesco

  • Early Prolific Straight Neck

  • Early Summer Crookneck, ORGANIC

  • Golden Zucchini

  • Ronde de Nice, ORGANIC

  • Scallop Yellow Bush, ORGANIC

  • Tromboncino

Winter Squash

  • Amish Pie

  • Blue Hubbard

  • Candy Roaster Melon, ORGANIC

  • Cushaw Green Striped

  • Delicata

  • Delicata Bush, ORGANIC

  • Greek Sweet Red

  • Improved True Green Hubbard

  • Long Island Cheese

  • North Georgia Candy Roaster, ORGANIC

  • Pink Jumbo Banana

  • Red Kuri

  • Seminole Pumpkin

  • Table Queen Acorn

  • Table Queen Bush Acorn, ORGANIC

  • Tahitian Butternut

  • Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato

  • Vegetable Spaghetti

  • Waltham Butternut