What Local Businesses Are Saying . . .

ASAP“Sow True Seed plays an extremely important role in our community with their open-pollinated and Southern Appalachia seed focus. Sow True Seed is a generous donor to ASAP’s Growing Minds program, which distributes Sow True seed to school gardens throughout WNC. Working together to feed our community healthy, locally grown food is at the core of both of our missions, and we truly appreciate their support.”

Scott Bunn, Development Director
Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project (ASAP)

West End Bakery“Sow True Seed is such an important part of our local food community! I am so glad I’ve been able to collaborate with them to grow some neck pumpkin seed. I feel like the knowledge of seed saving is very important and it’s exciting to have a local company closing the loop between growing food and saving seed for next year.”

Cathy Cleary
West End Bakery

“I primarily use Sow True Seeds for FarmGirl’s Urban Farming and Girlilla Gardening, including the large flower and herb farm I’m starting this year. In the spirit of collaboration and partnership, I also retail my creations at their retail space at 146 Church Street. I love Sow True Seed!”

Lauri L. Newman
FarmGirl Garden Designs & Cut Flowers

Extension Master Gardeners“Thank you very much for all the wonderful packs of seeds you gave the Master Gardener School Grants committee for our school gardens. We are working with 19 school gardens and projects in Buncombe County and two charter schools. I’m sure all the teachers, contact persons, and especially the students will be delighted with all the plants they can grow with your seeds. Thank you again for all your help.”

Carolyn Mann
Co-chairperson of School Grants Committee
Extension Master Gardeners of Buncombe County

What Gardeners Are Saying . . .

Yayyyyy! Love your catalog, customer service and product. Thank you for being a reliable and trusted vendor for Heirloom Seeds from right here in my home state of North Carolina.  -MM
Thank you for protecting the seeds! -SL
I am thrilled that some people recognize the importance of maintaining non-gmo seeds. Thanks for your efforts. -RR
Hello, My grandmother is still an avid gardener and lives almost entirely off of her land, but is unable (i.e. unwilling) to use technology to select her seeds.  Thank you for having a free physical catalog available. -RA
Your seeds are the only seeds I use in my garden now! Thank You!!! -JW
“I am thrilled that there is a company dedicated to preserving TRUE seeds.” – AJ
“My grandad encouraged me to get your catalog. He said, “This is a fine seed and plant catalog.” As a Master Gardener with 8 decades under his belt, he knows his stuff. I look forward to finding out myself too!” – LP
We are organic gardeners and greatly appreciate your efforts in helping to preserve our precious heritage seeds. Dedicated preservationists like you are critical to maintaining the integrity of our ecosystem. Thank you. -AMS
“Very happy to find a catalog of seeds from healthy foods that have not been changed, altered, poisoned….. Thank you for supplying seeds that I can grow food that I feel good about feeding it to my child. Thank you.”    – BB
“Thank you for preserving our open pollinated garden seed. I look forward to sharing your catalog with our garden club and master gardeners.” – JW
“I live in an log cabin from the 1700′s so I am often willing and ready to try Heirloom seeds. Thank you.”    – LK
Found you on line in a reported story and jumped with joy (quite a feat for an old 70 year old woman with 2 previously broken ankles). Been a gardener since I was a small girl.  Love to beautify my piece of earth with flowers and food, our last natural way to protect our health.  -Carol
“I grew up in Black Mountain & we always had a garden.  When I joined the Navy many years ago, I tried to have at least a few herbs & vegetables wherever I was stationed. Thank you so much for promoting open-pollination, organic, and non-hybrid seeds & plants! I am a fan & look forward to many happy years of gardening with you.”    – KS
“Used only your seed in my large patio garden last year purchased at the Three River’s Market here in Knoxville. We ate like kings all through the spring, summer, and winter, both fresh and preserved. It was great to know that we were eating non-GMO, organic, home grown produce. Thanks!”    – LL
“I’ve heard wonderful reports about how well your seeds grow.  Love the fact that you have heirloom!”    – LE
“Non hybrid seeds? Bless your hearts!”    – Anonymous
“I love your lettuce seeds. Before, I have just purchased any seeds at the grocery store and they did not come up well.
I planted some of yours around Labor Day and am still enjoying my red-leaf lettuce and mixed greens in December. Your seeds propagate so much BETTER!!!”    – KH
“Love what y’all are doing!! Found out about you on Growing a Greener World on PBS. Thanks for all of your hard work!” – SH
“I am so thankful to have found you!  I have been so concerned about G M foods for some time now, and local seed distribution centers don’t seem too concerned about it.  Now I feel I have the freedom to browse through your catalog and pick and choose with confidence the things we like.  I also think vegetables tasted better before they started “messing” with them!  Thank You!”    – LW
“Local, local, local… and from the start. It can’t get much better than that!”    – AJ
“We wanted to let you know that we realize we have many choices where to purchase seeds, but we selected your company, Sow True Seed, because we appreciate your efforts in sustainability and back to nature growing.  We are not fans of GMO at all and we love to support those grass roots companies who are out there keeping our seeds wholesome and free of pesticides.  It is tough to keep your seeds free from (insert big name chemical seed company here) patented seeds with their poisons inside, so we are spreading your name to all of those people who believe in the same philosophy as ours to purchase from you. We are here to support you financially with our purchases so that your company grows and prospers while spreading the word on good stewardship to our planet. Keep up the excellent work!!” – Anonymous
“Thank You! We are proud of you and the products you offer. Keep up the Great Work!”    – DW
“Woo-hoo!! Real seeds to grow real plants!!”    – LN
“I have been looking for a seed company with heirloom seeds. I want GOOD vegetables like my family grew when I was a child!”    – JN
“I tried heirloom vegetables for the first time this past summer.  The weather conditions were extremely hot and dry, but I still got a nice harvest of everything.  Enough to share with others.  Thank you for the work you do!  It makes my hobby even more enjoyable.”    – PA
“I really LOVE what you are doing to make the world a better place.  Keep up the Great Work!”    – ME
“I bought my first seeds from you this year and am in love with them. I look forward to your 2013 catalog to drool over, oh I mean, dream over this winter. Thankx!”    – PC
“Love that you are in our Western NC area. Have heard great things about you and hope to drive the two hours one of these days to visit in person.”    – NL
“Thank you so much, I feel safe knowing my garden is GMO free and my health is not at risk!! I wish you all much success!”    – S
“The potatoes I ordered last year for my brother were awesome. They produced an abundant amount of potatoes and I look forward to ordering him more in the coming planting season.”    – JH
“Last year I sold seedlings sown from my own greenhouse for the first time, using many of your seeds. I am looking forward to browsing your catalog once again and trying some new things. Keep up the great work!”    – CH
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