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Feb 4th: Our Inaugural Tea, Biscuits and Gardening Night

We’re talking real biscuits here:

Tea, Biscuits and Gardening with Sow True Seed

Source: A Field Guide to British Biscuits

This is an open obligation-free invitation to join us on Thursday Feb 4th for Tea, Biscuits and Gardening.

What is it?

We are aware that our opening hours are a little restricted for the working gardener, so every Thursday we are opening until 730PM, and if we’re opening late then we want to have some fun.

  1. We’ll have tea.
  2. We’ll have biscuits.
  3. We want to talk gardening.

That’s our idea of a great night!

Talk Gardening

  • We’re opening our doors for a Sow True Seed tour, so feel free to turn up and snoop around. We’ll show you where all the action happens and answer any questions you have.
  • We’ll tidy our break room and share our impressive collection of gardening books and magazines. Come and grab a cup of tea and browse the library.
  • Asheville has an awesome community, so this can be a platform to meet fellow gardeners and learn from each other.
  • There’ll be Sow True Seed people hanging around to chat, monitor biscuit consumption and answer any questions.
  • You can plan your garden, ask variety questions, share experiences and did we mention – tea and biscuits?

Hoping you can make it.

Love the Sow True Seed Team.

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