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Five Great Reasons to plant Fall-Winter Plant Starts!

Get winter plant starts from Sow True Seed Asheville NC.

All our plant starts are grown with our seeds by USDA Certified Organic, Banner Greenhouses in Nebo NC. Seeds are great, but sometimes there are awesome reasons to skip the seeds and plant some starts!

Sow True Seed sells USDA organic plant starts that grown from there own seed.

1. Time

 Sad as it is to admit, we live in a go go go world and growing from seed takes more time. Those little seedlings need your tender loving care in the early stages and may even need to be potted on once or twice before making it to the garden. Buying plant starts cuts out this time consuming stage – having Banner Greenhouses start your plants is kind of like sending your kids to pre-school.

2. Skill Level

 Gardening should be a place in our lives where all ego is ditched. However, with or without the ego, we’re all regularly humbled by the powers of nature. So! Don’t be ashamed to accept that growing stuff is hard, it takes time to learn all the tricks of the trade (maybe a lifetime), sometimes we forget to water and sometimes we water too much! Some things are going to work, some things aren’t – keep learning all the time and Grow Wise! You can also leach off Banner Greenhouse’s wisdom and buy some plant starts to make your life a little easier!

3. Variety

 Sometimes it can feel as though buying a packet of seeds is committing yourself to 400 plants of the same variety, when what you really want is 20 plants of 5 different varieties! While you can save the seed for multiple years, buying plant starts is a risk free way to buy what you want when you want it. A good solution for those with commitment issues…!

4. Time II

 Oh, time! Where did it go? They say, ‘Tomorrow is the busiest day of the week’. I say, ‘I should’ve planted my fall seeds last week!’ Fall Starts are a great Plan B, for the forgetful, the busy, the late and the lazy! Thank you, Banner Greenhouses! You saved my fall garden.

5. Resources

 Yes, time is a resource, as are skills, but I’m talking about physical resources. Buying the pots, having the space, making all the labels. I’m talking about the potting mix, the covered space or the greenhouse. It’s one thing to direct seed some fall carrots, beets and parsnips, but if you’re nurturing a few broccoli and cabbage plants then maybe Banner Greenhouses is better equipped to make that dream, homegrown Thanksgiving Dinner a reality!

Sow True Seed sells USDA organic winter plant starts!

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