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How to Enjoy Fresh Sprouts from Your Fall Garden

In my fall-planting frenzy I am already seeing spouts coming up from radish seeds and beet seeds planted barely two weeks ago. And I have an unexpectedly bountiful crop of fresh salad sprouts into the bargain. No need for jars, screens, careful rinsing, and all the work that might go into kitchen-raised sprouts.
My practice is to sow that kind of seeds quite thickly – say, one packet of seeds broadcast in a well-worked garden bed about the size of a table placemat or a pillowcase. Then, as soon as the sprouts are getting some size, I actually pluck out about a third of the starts. My goal is to remove any excess stems that are growing too close to others; I want to give the individual plants plenty of room to develop.

I harvest those bright little sprouts into a sieve, give them a soak in a bowl of cold water, and spin them in a salad spinner. Yum. These are the tastiest sprouts I can remember…and the structure has more flavor and heft than kitchen-raised.
Give it a try now or in the spring.
Written by Nan Chase

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