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Kids' Holiday Gift Guide

Kids' Holiday Gift Guide

Did you know that we carry a range of gifts for the sprouting gardener? From toy-filled soaps for the wee ones to books for the readers, we've got you covered for your earth-centered holiday gifting!



Browse All Childen's Books

We carry a lovely selection of nature-themed children's books. Our favorite gardening how-to book for kids is Gardening with Emma and our favorite bedtime storybook is Little Poet Emily Dickinson: In Emily's Garden. It is filled with gorgeous illustrations of the natural world and is sure to give your child blissful dreams of poetry and flowers.

Children's Garden Collection Tin

This collection of 9 varieties was chosen for its fun colors, silly shapes, and yummy flavors that are sure to appeal to kids of all ages! It includes one packet each of Dragon Tongue Bush Bean, Little Finger Carrot, Tennessee Spinning Top Gourd, Freckles Lettuce, Jack-B-Little Pumpkin, Sugar Ann Snap Pea, Organic Scallop Yellow Bush Summer Squash, Teddy Bear Sunflower, Sugar Baby Watermelon along with planting instructions!


Children's Gardening Tools

Give your child the tools to succeed in the garden!  Between the adorable gardening gloves and the miniature tools designed to fit their growing hands, you'll have them digging in the dirt in no time.


Children's Aprons

Need a place to store those cute little gardening tools? These handmade aprons designed by local company Celebration Aprons have three reinforced pouches that are perfect for tools, seed packets and garden treasures. Choose between a Rainbow Trout and a Bugs-In-Jar pattern!


Natural Children's Toy Soaps

Need to provide some incentive for washing up after a day in the garden? Much like the cereal boxes of yore, these soaps contain little bath toys for the kids to enjoy after the soap is used up! Choose between a fish-inna-bag and a bathing animal. The soaps are made with natural ingredients right here in Asheville by Essential Journeys.

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