Kids in the Garden!

Sow True's upcoming worm class (March 7th) for kids is a great introduction to a new gardening season, but there's a lot more that kids can enjoy this year.

It's often difficult for busy parents to juggle jobs, cooking, errands...and getting a garden started as well. I know from experience that it can feel overwhelming to think about organizing seeds and getting them planted at the right time, not to mention weeding, watering, staking and outwitting pests, all while trying to keep the little ones from getting bored and wandering off.
Try a kid-enriched garden experience with a fresh mindset and a selection of child-sized tools and appropriate seeds, and the memories will be priceless. Today, two of my three grown children are confident gardeners (the other one likes arranging flowers that other people grow), and now my six grandchildren are on their way.
My favorite Sow True item is the children's seed collection that comes in a tin for water-tight storage. The selection includes some big, easy-to-handle seeds like sunflowers, snap peas and bush beans, watermelon and gourds, plus the more challenging but equally rewarding carrots and lettuce, which are smaller. You might like to add a tinned all-sunflower collection for the wow factor, and a pollinator collection with blooms that attract butterflies, bees and maybe even some hummingbirds. Remember, small children gardening for the first time will have an easier time handling larger seeds, although they will love thinning and transplanting tiny carrots and harvesting mature lettuce for their salads.
Sow True offers some really nice, well-made garden implements for children too. The smaller sizes take away the frustration of kids' trying to work with heavier, more cumbersome adult-size tools. Check out the machine-washable garden gloves that protect young hands from stickers and thorns and the occasional piece of glass or metal they may unearth in urban soil. And there are bright tool sets with trowels, claws and weeding implements, as well as lovely little pails and shovels.
Look at the children's gardening books, perfect for those rainy days.
When you turn time in the garden into play time, everyone has fun. (And if grandparents are looking for gift ideas, send them to Sow True's children's selections.)
Written by Sow True Seed garden ambassador Nan Chase.

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