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Organic Seed Alliance Seed Internship Program

Organic Seed Alliance

Are you interested in learning to become a seed farmer through an internship?

Sometimes our customers ask why certain varieties of our seed are certified organic, while others are not. Like many seed companies, Sow True Seed often has difficulty in finding sources for certified organic seed. The demand for organic seed has increased with the spread of organic farms, which require organic seed to qualify for certification. Also, a growing concern among the general public about pesticide use draws the home gardener and consumer to prefer to buy organic. The supply of experienced seed growers, however, has not kept up with this trend.

To help address this need, The Organic Seed Alliance (OSA) and Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture (MESA) have organized an internship that pairs aspiring seed growers with organic farms that grow seed for the commercial market.  According to OSA, “The six-month internships combine hands-on education, farm-based independent study, and classroom and online learning.”

In addition, OSA and MESA are also looking for more host farms to provide the hands-on learning experience for interns. Both potential interns and host farms can find more details about the Seed Internship Program at:

Organic Seed Alliance Internship Program

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