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Pre-Order Potatoes and Rhubarb for FEB!

We sell many seasonal items and they are all available for pre-order. That means that you can buy them now and we’ll ship them (or let you know they are available for pick-up) when they are ready. In February we’ll have SEED POTATOES and RHUBARB CROWNS arriving. So, NOW is the time to order them. You can order seeds at the same time and we’ll send the seeds first and the seasonal items when they’re ready.

Why pre-order?

Every year these seasonal items sell out. If you really want to try our Purple Majesty Potato or some Rhubarb this year then please PRE-ORDER. This places you at the top of the list when these plants/tubers become available. You’ll avoid any disappointment.

We’ve got some exciting potato varieties, so check out the potato page and enjoy some homegrown potatoes this year!



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