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Seed Artist Profile: Broccoli Raab by Jessica Holly

In 2015 Sow True Seed decided to design beautiful artwork for 160 of our seed varieties. We reached out to the gardening community for help with the artwork and were humbled by the awesome response. Seed is beautiful! Over the next year we will be highlighting all of these wonderful artists. Please check out their work and support them if you can! Follow them on Social Media, comment below with messages of adoration and big kudos for supporting small business supporting sustainable and responsible agriculture!

Broccoli Raab “Spring Rapini” Seed Packet Artwork

Jessica Holly was selected to design the artwork for our Broccoli Raab 'Spring Rapini' seed packet.


Why did you choose the medium you used for the packet design?
Ink and Watercolor were natural choices for me, especially for this packet design because they flow seamlessly together in an organic relationship with one another. Like soil and water, they work well in defining the needs and growth potential for the plant, or in this case drawing – bringing to life the concept and working together to define such.

What is your favorite medium to work with and why?
My background is in Fibers Art, which is where my love for art truly lives. I adore fiber arts because it speaks most directly to the history and culture of people and a particular region; carrying a sense of nostalgia and place with it. However, most of my current work is simply done in Sharpie ink on basic paper – this has come to be one of my favorites because of it’s simplicity and therapeutic style it provides.

Why were you excited about this project?

When I was 5 years old, all I wanted to be when I grew up was to be like my grandfather and be a farmer. The concept of agriculture and the lifestyle it promotes is something that I always appreciated and wanted to be apart of. Even though 20 years later I find myself as an Artist, I still find ways to support the 5 year old’s dream I once had. Projects like this excite me because it’s bringing together two important industries and outlets within our communities: Art and Agriculture. These are vital to growth, to expression and to community development – and is something we all should be excited about.

What is your favorite flower and why?
Sunflowers are my favorite flower because they remind me of long summer days, van Gogh paintings and the homeplace.

If there is anything else needed – please just let me know!
Also, I’d love to link this somehow from my site to help drive traffic to this and help promote this awesome project. So once it’s live or up, if you can let me know – that’d be great!

Thanks so much again for this opportunity!

Jessica Holly

See more of Jessica’s work:

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