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Seed Artist Profile: Mizuna by Tashi Marouf

In 2015 Sow True Seed decided to design beautiful artwork for 160 of our seed varieties. We reached out to the gardening community for help with the artwork and were humbled by the awesome response. Seed is beautiful! Over the next year we will be highlighting all of these wonderful artists. Please check out their work and support them if you can! Follow them on Social Media, comment below with messages of adoration and big kudos for supporting small business supporting sustainable and responsible agriculture!

Mizuna Greens Seed Packet Artwork

Tashi Marouf was selected to design the artwork for our “Mizuna” asian greens seed packet.

Mizuna asian greens spicy salad or microgreen seed packet artwork

What is your favorite vegetable to grow and why?

I adore planting my veggie garden every spring! I love to grow all sorts in my garden, I am particularly proud of my fig tree and my olive trees. I also like growing strawberries because I love to eat them.

Tell us more about you!

I am a fine artist, designer and illustrator with many years of creative experience. I have always been a creative soul, taking many art classes as a child but I first seriously started studying fine art at Canterbury High School (a special high school for the arts in Ottawa, Canada).

In my early 20’s I studied fine arts at private art college called the Ottawa School of Art. After completing my fine art studies, I went on to study graphic design and received a diploma from the International Academy of Design and Technology in Ottawa.

I have lived and sold my work in Canada, France, Algeria and now in Birmingham, England. Living all over the world on different continents has been an eye-opening experience and has greatly enhanced my knowledge of art and understanding of diversified cultures.

I believe too that I’ve been given my abilities in order to help others – I have donated many pieces of art over the years to good causes and I enjoy sharing my abilities with my community and many positive organizations.

I would describe my artistic style as, Expressionism. I make an effort to convey a sense of emotion and feeling in all my work. My work is most often inspired by a place, event, emotion or an experience that has struck me in some way – and my art is the mode or outlet for which I translate those experiences externally.

PS. I am moving back to Canada in a few days so my life and work will change yet again!

See more of Tashi’s work:

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