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Seed Artist Profile: Winter Squash by Clare Jordan

In 2015 Sow True Seed decided to design beautiful artwork for 160 of our seed varieties. We reached out to the gardening community for help with the artwork and were humbled by the awesome response. Seed is beautiful! Over the next year we will be highlighting all of these wonderful artists. Please check out their work and support them if you can! Follow them on Social Media, comment below with messages of adoration and big kudos for supporting small business supporting sustainable and responsible agriculture!

Winter Squash Seed Packet Artwork

Clare Jordan of Atlanta, GA was selected to create the seed packet artwork for four of our most popular winter squash varieties.

winter squash delicata delicious oblong striped green and yellow squash italian heirloom seed packet artwork winter squash table queen acorn bush fall favorite dark green skin with deep orange flesh seed packet artwork winter squash vegetable spaghetti bright yellow with stringy delicious inside seed packet artwork with lattice fence winter squash butternut popular and delicious fall favorite warm tan skin with deep orange flesh tasy squash blossoms seed packet artwork

What is your favorite vegetable to eat and why?

Acorn squash!! It’s a little taste of Fall baked with brown sugar and butter. Is there anything better than that?

What is your favorite vegetable to grow and why?

Tomatoes of all kinds. My family loves growing them because there’s nothing better than a fresh tomato off a vine. I also can my own tomato sauce to enjoy all year.

Why did you choose the medium you used for the packet design?

Liquid acrylics. Liquid acrylics are like watercolor’s cooler older brother.  You can get similar effects but also the solid boldness of traditional acrylics.

What is your favorite medium to work with and why?

Right now I’m all about cross stitching and embroidery!

Why were you excited about this project?

Art is very important in my life, and it was a great chance to do something a little different!

What is your favorite flower and why?

Yellow roses. They always remind me of my Grammy!

Do you have anything else you want to share with potential customers?

I love doing custom work. Whether it be custom paintings, cross stitches etc. You think of it and I can create it!

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