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Staff Favorites Book Guide

Staff Favorites Book Guide

Looking for an earthy book to dive into during the colder months? Here are some of our staff favorites!


Chris with the Wild Wisdom of Weeds

Chris likes that Katrina Blair goes super deep into thirteen common weeds and really explores all the different ways that you can use the whole plant. The Wild Wisdom of Weeds has lots of creative recipes and inspiring ideas for using things that you can find right in your back yard!


Angie with Garden Insects of North America

Angie wanted to share that it was really hard for her to chose between all of our fabulous books, but she thinks that Garden Insects of North America was instrumental in helping her learn which bugs are helpful in the garden and which bugs can decimate your crops. As a gardener it is important to recognize that good bugs do exist and that they play many beneficial roles in the garden. So the next time that you find an unknown bug roaming among your potato plants don't squash - look it up instead! It might just be keeping your potato beetle population under control.


 Chloe with The Garden Wisdom & Know-How

The Garden Wisdom & Know-How book is Chloe's favorite because it provides you with every tidbit of information you need to know about starting and caring for your plants! It is big, beautiful, easy to read, and even gives you drawings and step-by-step instructions on everything from composting, irrigating, landscaping, to seed starting and pest control. It tells you what to do which month and why, and really delves into the benefits and reasons behind everything. This book will teach you what to plant in your garden, how to do it, and why you should. Definitely a must-read for gardeners of any level!


Nature's Garden

Carolyn is a passionate forager specializing in weedy and abundant plants and Nature's Garden is her favorite book for beginning foragers. Sam Thayer does an excellent job of going in-depth with the plants that he covers, exploring the botany, habitat, and lookalikes of over 40 common edible plants. Although not all these plants will grow near you, this book gives an comprehensive overview of the foraging ethos and is sure to inspire a closer and kinder connection with the earth.


Mark with 100 Plants to Feed the Bees

Mark is an avid beekeeper (he's the VP of the Buncombe County Beekeepers Club!) and he believes in converting more of our grassy areas into pollinator-friendly habitats to help renew the earth. 100 Plants to Feed the Bees is an excellent resource for starting your own bee- and pollinator-friendly patch. He encourages everyone to plant for the future to help preserve our world for future generations.


Brooke with Rosemary Gladstar's Medicinal Herbs


Brooke loves how empowering this beginner's guide to medicinal herbs is. Rosemary walks you through growing, harvesting, and preparing simple yet effective remedies from 33 common herbs. This plant-centered guide is perfect for anyone who is interested in herbalism, but unsure where to start.

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