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Why You Should Grow Kale This Winter

Why You Should Grow Kale This Winter

Do you miss gardening when the cold wind starts blowing bringing winter along with it? I’ve been growing a garden to feed my family for the last 15 years or so and every fall I’m glad for the weeding, harvesting, and preserving to be over till next summer. But my happiness only lasts so long. By the end of November, I’m wishing I had something fresh and green to feed my family. Sow True Seed introduced me to Kale. I had eaten it at restaurants and friends’ houses, and I had even purchased it at the grocery store and cooked it myself, but I had never grown it myself. This is the third year I’ll be growing Sow True Seed Kale through the winter. Let me tell you why you should think about growing it too.


  • Kale doesn’t take up much space
  • Kale is beyond easy to take care of
  • Weeds don’t grow in the winter so there’s no weeding
  • Kale can stand frost-it’s cold hardy
  • If you don’t eat all your kale it will over winter and you’ll be ahead of the game on your spring garden
  • Kale is delicious in salads, soups, pastas, and you can even make smoothies and kale chips
  • If you have chickens having a little extra kale to feed them over the winter really brightens their day and helps with egg production


I hope I’ve convinced you to try your hand at growing kale this winter. It’s not too late-get those seeds in the ground and you’ll be eating fresh kale in no time at all!

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