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WNC Garlic Fest 2015

WNC Garlic Fest 2015

Eat, Learn and Grow

WNC Garlic Fest 2015 in Asheville NC

The second annual WNC Garlic Fest will once again grace the South Slope of Asheville on Sept 26, 2015! It is a free event, open to everyone; vampires welcome, if they dare.

WNC Garlic Fest combines a celebration of all things awesome about eating garlic and a deep driven belief that we can share the simple skills necessary to empower everyone to grow great garlic.

Humble Beginnings

“The first Garlic Fest was kind of an accident,” says Chris Smith of Sow True Seed. “We wanted to have a day of free garlic growing workshops, but everyone got a little overexcited.”

Sow True Seed, Asheville’s local open-pollinated seed company hosted WNC Garlic Fest last year. Chris Mills, the tech guy, made a garlic ice cream with dehydrated garlic sprinkles; Chris Milan, the accountant, made garlic hummus with three different varieties of garlic; and Elliot Rhodes, the farm coordinator, made honey fermented garlic.

“It was more like a garlic-themed potluck,” says Smith. “Lots of fun, but totally manic and not very scalable. WNC Garlic Fest is going to be a little bigger and better this year…”

Enter the WNC Garlic Trail

WNC Garlic Fest will be running in conjunction with the inaugural Venture Local Street Fair. Banks and Buxton Avenues on the South Slope, Asheville’s burgeoning brewery district, will be closed from noon till 6pm on Sept 26, 2015, for local vendors to set-up shop.

“Throughout the festival you’ll find delectable eats and drinks & some of our best food trucks,” says Franzi Charen, Venture Local Fair Organizer. “Take your senses on an adventure through our DIY booths, curiosities and kid’s activities, join a trapeze class, follow the Garlic Trail, go on a chocolate factory tour and try our amazing craft beer.”

Select participating vendors will be offering FREE authentic local garlic experiences. Collect your Garlic Trail Map from Sow True Seed, follow the trail, collect the experiences and return to Sow True Seed for a breath mint and a Garlic Guru Prize!

The Garlic Trail includes:

  • The Hop, offering garlic ice cream;
  • Postre Caramels, offering a garlic caramel vinaigrette;
  • French Broad Chocolate Lounge, offering a garlic ganache;
  • Studio A, offering an artistic garlic experience;
  • Asheville Face and Body Art, offering a small garlic ‘tatoo’;
  • Well Seasoned Table, offering a local roasted garlic salt;
  • Medea’s Espresso and Juice Bar, offering a super garlic-tomato health juice;
  • The Gypsy Queen, offering a vegan Garlic Aioli;
  • Eat More Bakery, offering a gluten free roasted garlic focaccia;
  • Lightning Bolt Ink, offering a custom made garlic sticker;
  • Root Bottom Farm, offering a locally made garlic butter;
  • Asheville Strength, offering an Olympic strength garlic dip;
  • Sow True Seed will also be on the Garlic Trail offering some garlic treats and running the blind test trial: Do Vampires Prefer Hardneck or Softneck Garlic? sponsored by Roots Hummus.

Suzy Phillips, of Gypsy Queen Cuisine says, “My Almighty Vegan Garlic Aioli is Garlicgasmic!”

Simple Skills : Great Garlic

WNC Garlic Fest will be staying true to its roots. The festival will include a series of FREE one-hour garlic workshops, including Garlic Growing 101, 201, Garlic Nutrition and Preserving Garlic. Local speakers, including Asheville authors Nan Chase and Denise Barratt will be presenting at Sow True Seed throughout the day. See for a full schedule.

“It was very important to us that we not lose the original idea behind WNC Garlic Fest,” says Smith. “We want everyone to have the skills and the knowledge to grow their own great garlic.”

Sow True Seed will have a selection of certified seed garlic varieties available for purchase leading up to and on the day of WNC Garlic Fest.

More Information?

WNC Garlic Fest is online at, like us at, follow us at and post garlic photos with #wncgarlicfest2015

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