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Seed Artist Profile: Calendula by Amy Reber

USDA organic, open pollinated, non GMO, heirloom, untreated seed available at Sow True Seed.

USDA organic, open pollinated, non GMO, heirloom, untreated seed available at Sow True Seed.

Amy Reber was selected to design the artwork for our Calendula seed packet.

What is your favorite vegetable to eat and why?

My favorite is broccoli because it not only tastes good just by itself, but it is full of such a great variety of nutrients!

What is your favorite vegetable to grow and why?

I have not grown any vegetables as an adult, but my parents had a garden when I was a child and I used to LOVE to dig the potatoes and pull the carrots… was like a treasure hunt.

Why did you choose the medium you used for the packet design?

All of my work starts with a pencil drawing which I then ink in using Micron pens.  I download the original drawing in to Adobe Illustrator and work with the drawing digitally at that point.

What is your favorite medium to work with and why?

Pencil and ink!  I have no patience for letting paint dry and I can take pencils, paper and ink pens wherever I go!

Why were you excited about this project?

When I sit down to draw, and I have nothing that “needs” to get done usually some sort of floral will emerge, so this was one of the main things that excited me about this project….yay, I get to draw flowers!  Also, my Mom has the most GORGEOUS flower gardens (flowers and foliage are her medium of choice….her gardens are a work of art), and I knew she would be thrilled to see one of my designs on a seed packet.  I can’t wait to give her one.

What is your favorite flower and why?

Peony….the the neverending layers of petals….. and the gorgeous color

Do you have anything else you want to share with potential customers?

I was born and raised in Washington State, USA and that will always be “home” to me. I married my husband, an active duty Marine,13 years ago. We have lived in many different places since then, which has truly enriched my life. We currently live in Virginia with our three young children.

I LOVE and have a passion for drawing, color, pattern and design.  This passion has produced an immense drive in me to produce bold, colorful, striking designs for any and all surfaces. I am entirely self taught, drawing any spare minute I get. Within the last few years I have been steadily increasing my knowledge on how to “grow” my designs on the computer. I find the whole process so utterly fulfilling on a very personal level. I take pride in the fact that the majority of my designs start with a pencil and paper. Being a full time stay-at-home Mom, and living an ever-changing military lifestyle, it feels wonderful to have found “IT.”

My eyes are always peeled for beautiful patterns and color combinations. I find inspiration from so many places   …..whether it’s an unexpected flower on a hike, a colorful swimsuit at the pool or just plain checking out Pinterest and looking up “patterns in nature”; any of these things can prompt me to get my ideas down on paper as soon as possible!

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