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Seed Artist Profile: Cress by Serena Conner

Artist packet design of upland creasy greens from Sow True Seed Asheville NC.

Upland Creasy Greens Cress Seed Packet Artwork

Serena Conner was selected to design the seed packet artwork for our “Upland Creasy Greans,” a variety of cress.

Artist packet design of upland creasy greens from Sow True Seed Asheville NC.

What is your favorite vegetable and why?

LEEKS! I have professed my undying love for these amazing vegetables! I cannot believe more people aren’t eating them! I describe them as all the great things about onions, without the bitterness. When I use leeks in my chicken stock, it just adds a richness that you don’t get with plain old onions. I’m not the best at growing them, but I desire to someday be a leek farmer and convert white onion eaters everywhere.

Why were you excited about this project?

It was kismet, really. I got on board rather late, when there weren’t many plants left to choose from. I got Upland Creasy Greens, which are a type of cress. A little boring you might think, but it immediately made me think of one of my favorite children’s books, The Trumpet of the Swan, by E.B.White. It is about a trumpeter swan who has no voice, so he learns to play the trumpet. During his adventures, he stays at a swanky hotel and orders watercress sandwiches. For some reason, those sandwiches are what stick out in my mind. As a kid, I was always the one eating carrots when Bugs Bunny was on, or swiss cheese while watching Mighty Mouse. If it sounded good in a book, I tried it.

So, I was really excited to design the packaging for the greens, not only because it was an opportunity to showcase my art, but because I could pay homage to a book that inspired me to be adventurous and try something new. I’ve discovered so many foods that I really enjoy through reading. I hope my packet art will also inspire folks to maybe pick up a vegetable they’ve never tried or given much thought to before and discover something they like!

Do you have anything else you’d like to share with potential customers?

I’ve got my paintbrush in a lot of different pots. If you visit my Facebook page, the first thing you’ll probably see are my repainted NERF guns. It’s a way for kids to get extra mileage out of a toy they may otherwise tire of. I like the metallic colors—they give a little more authenticity to the NERF, and really, everything is a little better with a touch of sparkle, isn’t it? But I am also very mindful of what they are and try to keep the designs bright so they are clearly still recognizable as toys.

You’ll also find my hand painted Christmas ornaments. I’m an admittedly big nerd, and love painting pop culture ornaments that you probably can’t find other places.

Finally, keep scrolling, and you’ll see my traditional art and illustration.

I’m always trying out new things. Right now, I’m in the process of figuring out how to cast masks and helmets. That looks like it’d be pretty fun.

The bottom line? I love to draw and paint—no matter what the subject or purpose. The kids go to bed at night, and I head down to the workshop and dive in. So, even if I don’t have anything that’s up your alley right now—just check in from time to time, or message me. If I’m not doing it right now, I certainly will if you ask!

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