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Field Trip to Lettuce Land

Posted: November 10, 2017

After tending my slow-bolt lettuces in containers this spring and summer – a successful experiment – I recently ventured far from my North Carolina home to visit farmer friends in Upstate New York. I learned some tips from the professionals and want to share the news.     First, these farmers are lucky enough to live … Continue reading

Starting lettuce from seed

Posted: August 14, 2017

Because I encourage everyone to grow at least some of their own food, regardless of whether or not they have a yard, I thought it would be fun to grow some lettuce in a pot on my back deck this year, and I chose buttercrunch, which is one of my favorite lettuces. I planted the … Continue reading

Growing lettuce in the garden

Posted: July 19, 2017

I’ve been gardening for practically my whole life. I started out helping in my parents’ garden and graduated to my own once I was married with a family of my own. In every garden I’ve ever participated in lettuce has been grown in early spring, but after this growing season I will never think of … Continue reading

Adult squash bug laying golden yellow squash bug eggs - garden pests

Bug Watch: Squash Bugs

Posted: July 13, 2017

Squash bugs (Anasa tristis) These bugs can have explosive and multiple population growth throughout the summer and prey upon plants in the Cucurbit family. The inject their long proboscis into the stem, leaves and fruit of the plant, causing local necrosis and eventual death of the plant. The eggs are golden to yellowish to reddish … Continue reading

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