Asian Greens

GARDENER’S NOTES: Asian Greens of all kinds love cool weather, making them a great choice for greens first thing in spring and well into autumn. Depending on which part of the plants you use, fast-growing Asian greens can step into several culinary roles. Direct seed or transplant in early spring with about 2” spacing and thin to 6-8”, although it tolerates closer sowing for baby greens. To harvest, cut whole plant loose from tap root at the soil line. Light frost tolerance.
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      Asian Greens Seeds - Mizuna, ORGANIC

      Brassica rapa Delicately serrated leaves are bright green with white ribs and have a mild spice. Makes an elegant salad. Plant early spring or late summer. Harvest by clipping above...

      Chinese Cabbage Seeds - Michihili

      Brassica rapa The most popular open-pollinated Chinese cabbage available! Sweet and crunchy, this all-purpose cabbage is excellent for fermenting, stir-fry, steaming, roasting, wrapping, oh the list goes on! 14" high...

      Asian Greens Seeds - Hong Vit, ORGANIC

      Raphanus sativus While technically a radish, this variety is grown for its delicious greens, which unlike their rooted siblings are hairless and without an overly spicy bite. Hong Vit does...

      Asian Greens Seeds - Pak Choi

      Brassica rapa Also called Bok Choi. The crisp white stems are easier to grow than celery and just as delicious! Plants grow fast with glossy green leaves, are slow to...

      Asian Greens Seeds - Tatsoi

      Brassica rapa Rosettes of attractive, deep green spoon-shaped leaves on narrow white stems. Delicious in salads and stir fry dishes. Cold tolerant and excellent for overwintering. Direct seed in mid...