Broccoli Seeds

Well known for its tasty unopened flower heads, the entire broccoli plant deserves praise and a place in the kitchen. The florets and stalk can be roasted in a very hot oven to bring out an often-unknown sweetness, or steamed, sautéed, and enjoyed raw. But, broccoli should always be served bright green and al dente, never overcooked. The leaves make an excellent cooking green, prepared in the same way as collards. Nutrients: dietary fiber, vitamins C and K, potassium, folate, beta-carotene and the phytochemical quercitin.

Companions: carrots, lettuce, onion, spinach, tomato, nasturtium, cilantro and dill.
Antagonists: beans and strawberries.

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    Broccoli Seeds - Waltham 29

    Brassica oleracea This is the broccoli to choose for reliable, hardy plants with great flavor. Fall planted variety that tolerates light frost. 20" plants produce large main head and healthy...

    Broccoli Seeds - Di Ciccio, ORGANIC

    Brassica oleracea ORGANIC. HEIRLOOM -A tasty Italian variety for home gardens that you won't find in the produce section. Produces a 3-4" main head, and then multiple side shoots to...

    Broccoli Raab Seeds - Spring Rapini, ORGANIC

    Brassica rapa Plant early, harvest regularly, and enjoy a happy belly! An Italian non-heading broccoli raab commonly grown for its asparagus flavored early spring shoots.

    Broccoli Seeds - Romanesco, ORGANIC

    Brassica oleracea ORGANIC. This geometric marvel has to be grown to be believed! A no-longer-secret Italian variety with lime green heads composed of well-defined spiraled points. Walking the line somewhere...

    Broccoli Seeds - Green Sprouting Calabrese

    Brassica oleracea HEIRLOOM -This vigorous plant with a long harvest window produces a 3-8" main head in addition to plentiful side shoots for harvest right up to frost.