Salad Greens

Most of our traditional salad crops thrive in the cooler weather of spring and fall. In spring the warming weather will cause bolting for many salad greens like mizuna, lettuce and spinach. In fall, growth will slow as daylight hours drop, but many greens will survive frosty weather, with some cold hardy greens like spinach and kale lasting well into the winter.

This collections includes: Collards, Kale, Lettuce, Mizuna, Swiss Chard, Tatsoi and more. 

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Asian Greens Seeds - Mizuna, ORGANIC

Brassica rapa Delicately serrated leaves are bright green with white ribs and have a mild spice. Makes an elegant salad. Plant early spring or late summer. Harvest by clipping above...

Lettuce Seeds - Freckles, ORGANIC

Lactuca sativa ORGANIC Green romaine lettuce that's been happily splattered with red paint. A playful and delicious addition to your salad. Harvest as baby leaf or head.

Lettuce Seeds - Jericho, ORGANIC

Lactuca sativa ORGANIC Bred to withstand Israeli weather, this upright romaine stays refreshingly sweet and crisp in the heat.

Kale Seeds - Red Ursa, ORGANIC

Brassica napus ORGANIC. The award-winning child of Red Russian and Siberian kales, masterminded by the eminent Frank Morton. Thick, slightly frilled leaves like Siberian with the reddish purple veins of...

Lettuce Seeds - Speckled Amish Butterhead- ORGANIC

Lactuca sativa HEIRLOOM -An old heirloom with a most unique pigment pattern of bright red speckles on lime green buttery leaves. Heads are dense with pink patterned hearts that look...

Lettuce Seeds - Arianna, ORGANIC

Lactuca sativa ORGANIC. Crispy, mint-green leaves from tall and somewhat open heads. Delicious nutty flavor as baby greens, all the way up to full sized heads. Bolt and tip burn...

Lettuce Seeds - Italienischer, ORGANIC

Lactuca sativa Extremely vigorous with big outer leaves, Italienischer can take some heat and slow to bolt. Even at its most mature size, this lettuce is sweet and crisp when...

Lettuce Seeds - Black Seeded Simpson, ORGANIC

Lactuca sativa HEIRLOOM. ORGANIC. An old dependable friend for many growers. Deeply savoyed, light green leaves arrive very early and tolerate a range of growing conditions. Slow to bolt.

Lettuce Seeds - Parris Island Romaine, Organic

Lactuca sativa ORGANIC A well-rounded romaine variety from the coast of South Carolina. Very consistent and uniform production for heads or baby leaf. Crunchy and lightly savoyed leaves resist tipburn....

Kale Seeds - Ethiopian Blue, ORGANIC

Brassica carinata ORGANIC. HEIRLOOM. Also known as  Amara, Gomenzer, Abyssinian mustard, Texsel greens and Habesha Gomen. Whatever you call it, this kale has a smooth, full flavor, which is also sweet...

Arugula Seeds - Arugula, ORGANIC

Eruca sativa Distinctive delicious peppery flavor. Hardy, dark-green wide leaves enjoy a cut-and-come-again harvest. Perfect for spicing up a salad, or any other dish for that matter.

Lettuce Seeds - Red Salad Bowl, ORGANIC

Lactuca sativa Garnet-colored lobed leaf lettuce gives a visual counter-point to green lettuces in the garden and on the plate. Tasty and ornamental. Slow to bolt.