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You can direct seed these varieties, after the last frost date for your zone.

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    Melon Seeds - Honeydew, Green Flesh, ORGANIC

    Cucumis melo ORGANIC. A true melon classic, in our opinion there is nothing more heavenly than a home grown honeydew. Resembling nothing like what can be bought in the grocery...

    Summer Squash Seeds - Bennings Green Tint, ORGANIC

    Cucurbita pepo ORGANIC. HEIRLOOM. A heavy yielding patty pan squash which starts out pale green and changes to a smooth white finish when left on the plant. Excellent flavor and...

    Summer Squash Seeds - Black Beauty Zucchini, ORGANIC

    Cucurbita pepo ORGANIC. HEIRLOOM. Bush type plant produces high yields of straight green-nearly-black zucchini. A thin glossy skin gives way to creamy tasty flesh. Harvest when fruit is 6-8".

    Winter Squash Seeds - Cushaw Green Striped

    Cucurbita argyrosperma HEIRLOOM. Hailing from the Caribbean, this Cushaw squash also goes by the name Tennessee Sweet Potato Squash and is part of the Slow Foods Ark of Taste! Very...

    Winter Squash Seeds - Table Queen Bush Acorn, ORGANIC

    Cucurbita pepo ORGANIC. HEIRLOOM. A great winter squash for a small garden! Compact bush plants grow 36" in diameter with 3-8 fruits per plant. Otherwise identical to Table Queen Acorn...