Flower Seeds

Growing your own flowers has a lots of benefits in the garden. They are beautiful for you and your neighbors, but also provide great habitat for a whole range of insects, pollinators and butterflies. Flowers can grow in containers, be established as wildflower meadows or beds, or just be integrated into your vegetable garden for diversity and improved pollination.

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Zodiac Seed Packet, Scorpio

Watch out for the Snapdragon Sting of the gardening scorpion! If you aren't careful it might come in and tidy up your garden with its handy-dandy Garden Shear pincers. Also...

Zodiac Seed Packet, Virgo

The Virgoan maiden offers up some freshly-harvested lemon balm.This healing herb makes a delicious and soothing tea and is used in many herbal preparations. Also available in the zodiac collection...