Herb Seeds

Growing your own culinary and medicinal herbs is fun and easy and a great way to support your cooking. They often look beautiful and attract pollinators at the same time as being great to eat, or make salves, or tinctures, or teas. Many herbs are also well suited for container growing or indoor / windowsill growing.

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    Chives Seed, Garlic Chives

    Allium tuberosum Also called Chinese leeks. Mild, garlic-flavored, fine green blades grow 12-18". Perfect raw or in a stir-fry. Garlic chives are taller than the standard chives. Easy-to-grow by direct...

    Parsley Seeds - Forest Green, ORGANIC

    Petroselinum crispum Finely cut, deeply crinkled and curled dark green leaves that do not fade yellow in summer. Vigorous growing 12" plants. Slow germinating seeds benefit from pre-soaking overnight before...

    Parsley Seeds - Hamburg Rooted

    Petroselinum crispum Looks just like your favorite yummy parsley, with delicious leaves you can harvest anytime, but this variety hides a vitamin packed secret! Crisp and refreshing white roots can...

    Parsley Seeds - Italian Giant, ORGANIC

    Petroselinum crispum Very flavorful parsley preferred by chefs. Slow germinating seeds benefit from pre-soaking overnight. Direct seed or transplant in spring or late summer. Moderately frost-tolerant.

    Purslane Seeds, Golden, ORGANIC

    Portulaca oleracia While technically an herb, we eat purslane as the powerhouse vegetable it is! This delightful bright yellow-green succulent contains more omega-3 fatty acids than any other leafy plant....