Herb Seeds

Growing your own culinary and medicinal herbs is fun and easy and a great way to support your cooking. They often look beautiful and attract pollinators at the same time as being great to eat, or make salves, or tinctures, or teas. Many herbs are also well suited for container growing or indoor / windowsill growing.

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      Dandelion Seeds, Common Wild

      Sold out for the 2021 season Taraxacum officinale Young leaves are a good source of many nutrients such as Vitamin A. Leaves are eaten like spinach or steep for tea....

      Rue Seeds, Herb O'Grace

      Sold out for the 2021 season Ruta graveolens Also known as common rue, this herb is long loved for its medicinal properties, Rue shouldn't be discounted for also being a...

      Tansy Seeds

      Tanacetum vulgare A flowering herbaceous plant with yellow, button-like flowers. Blooming in mid to late summer when everything else has finished, Tansy is a hardy perennial with a long history...