Lettuce Seeds

Before modern lettuce ended up in salad bowls everywhere, it had a place as an aphrodisiac in pre-dynastic Egyptian ceremonies, cooked with eggs on the Roman dinner table, and in medieval herbals as a sedative and digestive. Now, it comes in a beautiful variety of forms, colors, and textures from smooth lime green leaves to red headings, to multicolored, smooth or crinkled leaves, with flavors ranging from a bracing bitterness to a soft buttery taste. While all lettuces can be harvested for loose leaf salad mix, romaine and butterhead varieties create folded heads for single head harvest.

Nutrients: vitamins K (high), A and folate. Companions: beets, brassicas, carrots, onions, radishes, garlic. Antagonists:  cabbage.

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      Lettuce Seeds - Iceberg

      Lactuca sativa Yes, THAT Iceburg lettuce! We think this crispy delight has an undeserved bad reputation. High in folate and vitamins A & C, Iceburg just is not the nutritional...

      Lettuce Seeds - Arianna, ORGANIC

      Lactuca sativa ORGANIC. Crispy, mint-green leaves from tall and somewhat open heads. Delicious nutty flavor as baby greens, all the way up to full sized heads. Bolt and tip burn...

      Lettuce Seeds - Italienischer, ORGANIC

      Lactuca sativa Extremely vigorous with big outer leaves, Italienischer can take some heat and slow to bolt. Even at its most mature size, this lettuce is sweet and crisp when...

      Lettuce Seeds - Parris Island Romaine, Organic

      Lactuca sativa ORGANIC A well-rounded romaine variety from the coast of South Carolina. Very consistent and uniform production for heads or baby leaf. Crunchy and lightly savoyed leaves resist tipburn.

      Lettuce Seeds - Freckles, ORGANIC

      Lactuca sativa ORGANIC Green romaine lettuce that's been happily splattered with red paint. A playful and delicious addition to your salad. Harvest as baby leaf or head.

      Lettuce Seeds - Chrystal, ORGANIC

      Lactuca sativa Chrystal boasts beautiful, broad, bright green leaves at the heart and gradually transitions to purple along the tips. Tender and sweet, through and through!

      Lettuce Seeds - Drunken Woman

      Lactuca sativa ORGANIC. Lovely, bright minty green leaves with ruffled, savoyed edges in dark burgundy red. This is such a beautiful lettuce, we loved it in our trials. It was...

      Lettuce Seeds - Jericho, ORGANIC

      Lactuca sativa ORGANIC Bred to withstand Israeli weather, this upright romaine stays refreshingly sweet and crisp in the heat.

      Lettuce Seeds - Herb Salad Mix, ORGANIC

      Lactuca sativa ORGANIC Herald spring with a tasty mix of Black Seeded Simpson, Red Salad Bowl, Mervielle 4 Seasons and Rouge de Hiver lettuces, Tatsoi, Mizuna, Cilantro, Dill and Arugula....

      Lettuce Seeds - Rouge d'Hiver, ORGANIC

      Lactuca sativa HEIRLOOM. ORGANIC. Cool season romaine type with sweet, buttery texture. Semi-open heads with deep-red outer leaves and green-bronze tipped inner leaves.

      Lettuce Seeds - Key Lime, ORGANIC

      Lactuca sativa ORGANIC. HEIRLOOM – How can you resist such a delicious sounding name? We admit that’s what attracted us initially when we first read about this lettuce, but growing...

      Lettuce Seeds - Speckled Amish Butterhead- ORGANIC

      Lactuca sativa HEIRLOOM -An old heirloom with a most unique pigment pattern of bright red speckles on lime green buttery leaves. Heads are dense with pink patterned hearts that look...