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We've added 22 exciting new seed varieties to our collection this year! Check them out below

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      Sweet Pepper Seeds - Rainbow Bell Blend

      Capsicum annuum Bring more color to your salads and stir fries! A fun, colorful mix of red, yellow, orange, and purple-ripening bell peppers.

      Goldenrod Seeds - Grayleaf Goldenrod

      Solidago nemoralis Slender, 2 ft tall plants produce plumes of tiny golden flowers throughout the summer months.  This North American native tolerates a wide range of soil types, and is...

      Sweet Corn Seeds - Hawaiian Supersweet #9

      Sold out for the 2022 season, check back in 2023! Zea mays This amazing corn was bred by the University of Hawaii to withstand tropical heat and disease pressure. A...

      Slicing Tomato Seeds - Dwarf Golden Gypsy

      Solanum lycopersicum Sunny-yellow, medium-sized slicers on petite, 3-4 ft potato-leaf plants. Great for container gardening. Bred by the Dwarf Tomato Project. Determinate. SMALL FARM GROWN by Kim and Michelle Abbey,...

      Slicing Tomato Seeds - Fantome du Laos

      Solanum lycopersicum Lobed, medium-sized slicers ripen to a ghostly cream color on vining plants. Legend has it that the fruits will glow in the dark in the presence of ghosts!...