Organic Seeds

Organic seeds are grown using sustainable or regenerative farming methods. No pesticides, chemical fertilizers or GMOs are allowed in organic production. Farms are inspected regularly for compliance. 

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Carrot Seeds - Lunar White

Daucus carota Pure white carrots are crisp, sweet, and mild flavored. Very pretty and excellent for snacking. 75 days. Avg. 800 seeds per 1 gram packet.

Eggplant Seeds - Kopec, ORGANIC

Solanum melongena ORGANIC. HEIRLOOM. A South African variety whose first official records are recorded on April 6th, 1956, but we believe it is likely much older. Fruits are not as...

Eggplant Seeds - Puerto Rican Beauty

Solanum melongena Our seed stock came from the USDA germplasm repository, and they received it originally from Puerto Rico Agricultural Experiment Station in 1961. A very good producer of larger,...

Eggplant Seeds - Rosa Bianca, ORGANIC

Solanum melongena ORGANIC. HEIRLOOM. Enticing dusty lavender fruits with white blushing adored for creamy flavor and no bitterness. Harvest when softball sized with slight ribbing. Eggplants always seem slightly magical...

Poppy Seeds - Elka White Breadseed, ORGANIC

Papaver somniferum ORGANIC. A beautiful pink-white poppy with purple markings, native to Slovakia. Produces large yields of nutty-flavored white seeds that are great for baking. The pods are non-shattering, which...

Swiss Chard Seeds - Fordhook Giant, ORGANIC

Beta vulgaris ORGANIC. HEIRLOOM. Huge, thick, tender leaves with heavy yields, even in hot weather. Very easy to grow by direct seed or transplant. Eat like spinach or beet greens....

Cauliflower Seeds - Snowball Self-Blanching, ORGANIC

Brassica oleracea ORGANIC. Self-wrapping leaves protect the delicious 6-8" white heads from heat and sunlight. Excellent choice for gardeners and market growers.