Seasonal Plants, Tubers, Bulbs

Seed potatoes, seed garlic, flower bulbs, crowns, rhizomes, and transplants are seasonally available for preorder! Items ship alive in their season, please see pre-order and shipping timelines on individual product pages and refer to the included planting instructions upon delivery!

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    Chesnok Red Hardneck Garlic

     *** Pre-Order Information *** Garlic bulbs will ship October, 2022 Allium sativum PURPLE STRIPE-TYPE -- Smooth, mild, flavor with a hint of sweetness.  Consistent producer of good-sized bulbs with red streaked...

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    Red Pontiac Potato

    *** Pre-Order Information ***Potatoes will ship in late March, 2022 Solanum tuberosum Dark red, smooth skin, with white flesh. Large, oblong-to-round, heavy-producing spuds. If harvested early they make good new potatoes....

    Red Creole Heirloom Onion Starts

    *** Pre-Order Information *** Onion Starts will ship in March, 2022 1 bunch of 25 starts - $6.95Allium cepa HEIRLOOM - Red Creole is a sweet red onion with slightly flattened...