Spinach Seeds

Spinach, with buttery nutritious leaves and cold hardiness, will never go out of style. It prefers late summer weather as it changes into fall, when days gradually become shorter and the sun rises lower in the sky. Spring plantings are best for baby leaf production as the plants tend to bold quickly with lengthening, hotter days. For best results in spring, over-winter small fall planted spinach plants. They will begin to grow again in late winter and early spring for a tasty harvest. Nutrients: vitamins A, E, K, and C, calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium.

Companions: legumes, lettuce, radishes, celery, brassicas, strawberries.
Antagonists: potatoes.

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      Summer Spinach Seeds - New Zealand

      Tetragonia tetragonoides HEIRLOOM -This leafy green relishes hot weather so plant in spring for a nutritious summer harvest. Soak seeds 24 hours before planting. Harvest the young plant tips for...

      Summer Spinach Seeds - Malabar, Red Stemmed

      Basella alba v. rubra Thick glossy leaves grow in the heat of summer on this annual vine, keeping up a steady supply of delicious leafy greens when all the others...

      Spinach Seeds - Winter Giant

      Spinacia oleracea The rich leaves will be a welcome addition to the winter dinner table. Large, dark green, semi-savoyed leaves. Heavy yields and very cold hardy. Recommended for late fall...

      Spinach Seeds - Noble Giant

      Spinacia oleracea HEIRLOOM. A lovely large plant with its arms spread wide, full of giant crumpled leaves. Heavy producer and great for eating raw, as the leaves stay tender even...

      Spinach Seeds - Bloomsdale Long Standing

      Spinacia oleracea HEIRLOOM. The classic reliable spinach with dark-green, thickly crinkled leaves. Slow-bolting and heavy-yielding. Frost tolerant. For spring and fall planting.

      Spinach Seeds - America

      Spinacia oleracea Could this be the most patriotic vegetable? While that question can't be answered, it can certainly be considered an excellent spinach for spring planting. Slow to bolt and...

      Summer Spinach Seeds - Nigerian

      Sold out for 2022 Celosia argentea HEIRLOOM - Commonly called Sokoyokoto African Spinach, this is a very traditional green eaten in African culture, and reportedly the most popular green in...