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Parsley Seeds - Italian Giant, ORGANIC

Petroselinum crispum Very flavorful parsley preferred by chefs. Slow germinating seeds benefit from pre-soaking overnight. Direct seed or transplant in spring or late summer. Moderately frost-tolerant.

Parsnip Seeds - Harris Model

 Pastinaca sativa Sweet and spicy white root with a moderate taper and tender flesh. Popular reliable producer with 10" long roots.

Radish Seeds - Halloween Mix

Raphanus sativus Purple, yellow, black, and white radishes are reminiscent of the spookiest time of year! They are sweet with a pleasant spice and best at about 1" in diameter.25...

Radish Seeds - Sparkler, ORGANIC

Raphanus sativus ORGANIC. Crisp and snappy-flavored with round, red-skinned roots and juicy white flesh. Good yields.

Radish Seeds - Watermelon

Raphanus sativus Can a radish be glamorous? With a magenta heart that blends into white flesh with lime green skin, only a radish this confident and stylish could pull off...

Shelling Pea Seeds - Green Arrow

Pisum sativum HEIRLOOM. No trellising combined with high yield means lots of tasty peas with less work! Bushy plants grow 24-28" vines that do fine with minimal support. Reliable producer...

Snap Pea Seeds - Sugar Snap

Pisum sativum Crunchy and sweet, the perfect treat to eat in the field. Abundant pods ensure the plentiful harvest will make it to the kitchen despite the snacking. Be sure...

Snow Pea Seeds - Mammoth Melting Sugar, Organic

Pisum sativum ORGANIC. Oh, why say anything else with a name as wonderful as that? Early, high yielder of sweet, tender 4-5" snow peas. Trellis 4-5' vines for maximum production.

Spinach Seeds - Bloomsdale Long Standing

Spinacia oleracea HEIRLOOM. The classic reliable spinach with dark-green, thickly crinkled leaves. Slow-bolting and heavy-yielding. Frost tolerant. For spring and fall planting.

Spinach Seeds - Winter Giant

Spinacia oleracea The rich leaves will be a welcome addition to the winter dinner table. Large, dark green, semi-savoyed leaves. Heavy yields and very cold hardy. Recommended for late fall...

Swiss Chard Seeds - Flamingo

Beta vulgaris Lovely pink stems range from pale to vibrant as they age. Deep green leaves make a lovely contrast. Very winter hearty, and so very good for you! 60 days. 

Swiss Chard Seeds - Rainbow Blend

Beta vulgaris Beautiful plant with multicolored leaves and ribs in shades of red, orange, pink, yellow, and creamy white. A popular, attractive and delicious variety of chard. Lightly frost tolerant....