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Arugula Seeds - Arugula, ORGANIC

Eruca sativa Distinctive delicious peppery flavor. Hardy, dark-green wide leaves enjoy a cut-and-come-again harvest. Perfect for spicing up a salad, or any other dish for that matter.

Asian Greens Seeds - Mizuna, ORGANIC

Brassica rapa Delicately serrated leaves are bright green with white ribs and have a mild spice. Makes an elegant salad. Plant early spring or late summer. Harvest by clipping above...

Beet Seeds - Lutz Green Leaf

Beta vulgaris Famous for its sweetness, long-storage, tenderness even when large, and high-quality greens. Also called "Winter Keeper", this red-fleshed beet can be spring planted, grown all season, then harvested...

Beet Seeds - Rainbow Blend

Beta vulgaris A lovely mix of Detroit Dark Red, Golden Detroit, White Albino, and Chioggia, the colors are only out shined by the outstanding flavor!

Broccoli Raab Seeds - Spring Rapini, ORGANIC

Brassica rapa Plant early, harvest regularly, and enjoy a happy belly! An Italian non-heading broccoli raab commonly grown for its asparagus flavored early spring shoots.

Broccoli Seeds - Di Ciccio, ORGANIC

Brassica oleracea ORGANIC. HEIRLOOM -A tasty Italian variety for home gardens that you won't find in the produce section. Produces a 3-4" main head, and then multiple side shoots to...

Brussels Sprouts Seeds - Long Island Improved

Brassica oleracea HEIRLOOM. Widely adapted commonly grown variety with 50-100 tight dark-green sprouts winding up the stalk. Compact, semi-upright plants are 20" tall. Long Island Improved is still the most...

Bunching Onion Seeds - Long White Bunching

Allium fistulosum A bunching onion with plenty of tender white stem. Non-bulbing type for summer harvest or overwintering.

Cabbage Seeds - Early Jersey Wakefield

Brassica oleracea HEIRLOOM. The perfect size for the dinner plate. This reliable favorite was introduced in the 1840's .

Cabbage Seeds - Red Acre

Brassica oleracea Beautiful reddish-purple heads add flavor and color to salad & slaw. The best red storage variety with resistance to cabbage yellows and splitting. Small, compact plants come in...

Carrot Seeds - Cosmic Purple

Daucus carota Slices of these carrots look like stars in the night sky with deep orange flesh surrounded by purple skin. Roots grow 6-7" long with sweet flavor and crunchy...

Carrot Seeds - Danvers 126, ORGANIC

Daucus carota ORGANIC. Tapered root holds up well in heavy clay soils. Widely adapted, productive and heat tolerant. Produces crunchy and flavorful dark orange roots 6-7" long.