Spring Crops

Here is a great collection of seeds to start this Spring! These cool loving crops are the perfect addition to your spring garden.

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    Carrot Seeds - Danvers 126, ORGANIC

    Daucus carota ORGANIC. Tapered root holds up well in heavy clay soils. Widely adapted, productive and heat tolerant. Produces crunchy and flavorful dark orange roots 6-7" long.

    Carrot Seeds - Little Finger, ORGANIC

    Daucus carota ORGANIC. Very sweet, gourmet baby carrot. Bright orange 3" cylindrical roots that have smooth skin and a very small core. Develops quickly and is best picked early for...

    Carrot Seeds - Red Core Chantenay

    Daucus carota HEIRLOOM. This carrot gets sweeter with age - can the same be said for all of us? One only hopes. Regardless, this French variety holds up well in...

    Carrot Seeds - Scarlet Nantes, ORGANIC

    Daucus carota ORGANIC. HEIRLOOM. Classy and refined, this 6-8" French heirloom has been a favorite fresh eating and storage variety for generations. Its fine grained, juicy, and crunchy texture, combined...

    Carrot Seeds - Shin Kuroda

    Expected to be back in stock by October Daucus carota Described as "stump-rooted" for their short but thick roots, this carrot is nonetheless a tender, sweet, deeply orange colored delight....

    Carrot Seeds - Tendersweet, ORGANIC

    Daucus carota HEIRLOOM. ORGANIC. A lucky variety to be so well named - one of the sweetest carrots available. Tender but still crisp. Featuring 9-10" tapered deep orange, coreless roots. Plant...

    Hot Pepper Seeds - Carrot Bomb, ORGANIC

    Capsicum annuum These bright orange, round, 1-2 inch fruits make a fun addition to salsas, and are great for pickling too! About the same heat as a jalapeno. Plants grow...