Swiss Chard Seeds

This beautiful leafy green (red, orange, yellow) is a great addition to any garden or ornamental landscape. Glossy green leaves have crisp multicolored stalks that hold up well under a variety of growing conditions. Highly nutritious and dependable, this plant can be worked into any number of dishes to rave reviews.

Companions: bush beans, garlic, lettuce, radishes, sage.
Antagonists: Cucumbers, melons, and herbs.

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Swiss Chard Seeds - Fordhook Giant, ORGANIC

Beta vulgaris ORGANIC. HEIRLOOM. Huge, thick, tender leaves with heavy yields, even in hot weather. Very easy to grow by direct seed or transplant. Eat like spinach or beet greens....

Swiss Chard Seeds - Rainbow Blend

Beta vulgaris Beautiful plant with multicolored leaves and ribs in shades of red, orange, pink, yellow, and creamy white. A popular, attractive and delicious variety of chard. Lightly frost tolerant....

Swiss Chard Seeds - Ruby Red

Beta vulgaris HEIRLOOM. A beautiful addition to any garden often grown for its ornamental qualities alone! Foliage is dark-green on ruby red stalks. 18-24" plant. 

Swiss Chard Seeds - Flamingo

Beta vulgaris Lovely pink stems range from pale to vibrant as they age. Deep green leaves make a lovely contrast. Very winter hearty, and so very good for you! 60 days.