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Slicing Tomato Seeds - Persimmon

Solanum lycopersicum HEIRLOOM. Originally from Russia, these sunny orange fruits with blemish free skin grow exceptionally large, up to 2 lbs! Complex flavor and low acid. Indeterminate.  

Melon Seeds - Hearts of Gold, ORGANIC

Cucumis melo ORGANIC. HEIRLOOM. Oh, to be a melon and always have a heart of gold! The 4 lb fruit with thick orange flesh, sweet aroma, and full flavor grow...

Pumpkin Seeds - Connecticut Field

Cucurbita pepo HEIRLOOM -Perhaps the original Thanksgiving pumpkin, now often used for carving. 15-25 lb fruits have thin rinds and thick yellow-orange flesh. Use for jack-o'-lanterns, canning and stock feed.

Carrot Seeds - Little Finger, ORGANIC

Daucus carota ORGANIC. Very sweet, gourmet baby carrot. Bright orange 3" cylindrical roots that have smooth skin and a very small core. Develops quickly and is best picked early for...

Carrot Seeds - Shin Kuroda

Daucus carota Described as "stump-rooted" for their short but thick roots, this carrot is nonetheless a tender, sweet, deeply orange colored delight. Performs well in heavier soils, sizes up early,...

Hot Pepper Seeds - Habanero, Orange

Capsicum chinense Bright orange crinkled peppers look so innocent... but beware! Tipping in around an eye-watering 200,000 Scoville heat units they are 40x hotter than the standard jalapeno pepper. 3-4'...

Slicing Tomato Seeds - Garden Peach, ORGANIC

Solanum lycopersicum ORGANIC. HEIRLOOM. These "Pretty as a Peach" tomatoes have a slight fuzz and are yellow, often with a hint of pink blush when fully ripe. This heirloom variety...

Carrot Seeds - Danvers 126, ORGANIC

Daucus carota ORGANIC. Tapered root holds up well in heavy clay soils. Widely adapted, productive and heat tolerant. Produces crunchy and flavorful dark orange roots 6-7" long.

Carrot Seeds - Red Core Chantenay

Daucus carota HEIRLOOM. This carrot gets sweeter with age - can the same be said for all of us? One only hopes. Regardless, this French variety holds up well in...

Slicing Tomato Seeds - Mr. Stripey

Solanum lycopersicum HEIRLOOM. An accurate name that somehow doesn't quite convey the brilliancy of color with red splashed against yellow on delicious tomatoes. Indeterminate.

Pumpkin Seeds - Small Sugar

Cucurbita pepo HEIRLOOM. Small sweet fruit weighs 6-8 lbs. A beloved standard for pie makers everywhere. Dry flesh with no stringiness.

Pumpkin Seeds - Jack-B-Little

Cucurbita pepo Charming mini pumpkins 3-6" in diameter with deeply ribbed orange flesh. Vigorous vines produce 8-20 fruits each. Use for stuffed pumpkin dishes, seasonal decoration & bringing delight to...