Okra Seeds - Mama Payton's


Sold out for the 2021 season

Abelmoschus esculentus

HEIRLOOM - Historical roots for Mama Payton's begin with Arthur and Carrie Payton who were married in 1917 in Cherokee County, Alabama. The story is that they were given the seed shortly after they were married and raised this okra ever since. The okra is so tasty and productive, the Payton family has continued to grow it still today. First introduced for sale by Victory Seeds in 2017. Very rare!
Plants are heavy yielding and tested high in taste with The Utopian Seed Project okra trialing.

70 days. Avg 60 seeds per 6 gram packet.

Planting Information


Average Seed / ozSeed / 100' RowAverage Yield / 100' RowDays to Harvest
4001 oz30 lbs60
Planting SeasonIdeal Soil TempSunFrost Tolerance
After Last Frost70-90°FFull SunFrost Sensitive
Sowing MethodSeed DepthDirect Seed SpacingSeeds Per Packet
Direct Seed1/2"3-4"80
Mature SpacingDays to SproutProduction CycleSeed Viability
12"7-15Annual1-2 years