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Hot Pepper - Fatali, ORGANIC

Capsicum chinense Very fruity and citrusy, but with the heat of a habanero, this pepper is sure to delight your spice-loving palette.  The plants grow to about 2 feet tall,...

Slicing Tomato Seeds - Mr. Stripey

Solanum lycopersicum HEIRLOOM. An accurate name that somehow doesn't quite convey the brilliancy of color with red splashed against yellow on delicious tomatoes. Indeterminate.

Carrot Seeds - Solar Yellow, ORGANIC

Daucus carota ORGANIC. A true burst of sunshine right from your garden! Juicy and crisp, these Danvers-type carrots grow to about 6" to 7" long and are quite a bit...

Slicing Tomato Seeds - Green Zebra, ORGANIC

Solanum lycopersicum ORGANIC. A highly acclaimed, highly popular variety bred by Tom Wagner. All the fuss is over a beautiful tomato that stays green when ripe with a light golden...

Summer Squash Seeds - Early Prolific Straight Neck

Cucurbita pepo HEIRLOOM. The most popular of straight neck squashes, this lemon yellow fruit has crisp, firm texture. Best when harvested 5-6" long.

Sweet Pepper Seeds - Sweet Banana

Capsicum annuum HEIRLOOM. There are so many ways to enjoy this tasty, popular pepper - sweet pepper pickles, relish, stuffed and sauteed. Great for short seasons, and will reliably yield...

Sweet Pepper Seeds - Golden California Wonder, ORGANIC

Capsicum annuum ORGANIC. A California blonde bell pepper. Very sweet thick fleshed bell peppers ripen from green to golden-yellow to deep orange. Plants grow 24-30" with 4" diameter fruit.

Summer Squash Seeds - Golden Zucchini

Expected to be back in stock by August Cucurbita pepo HEIRLOOM -These squash have the flavor of zucchini, but the color of sunshine. Great for mixing up the colors in...

Sweet Corn Seeds - Hawaiian Supersweet #9

Sold out for the 2022 season, check back in 2023! Zea mays This amazing corn was bred by the University of Hawaii to withstand tropical heat and disease pressure. A...

Onion Seeds - Cipollini Yellow

Sold out for the 2022 season Allium cepa Sweet flat onions well known for pickled products or roasting whole. These 3-4" diameter onions are best when eaten fresh. Long day.