Posted: April 25, 2011

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wonderful variety of cucumbers

There’s a good article about growing cucumbers in the current Mother Earth News. It’s written by one of my favorite garden writers Barbara Pleasant.

Here are few tips I gleaned:

Use a trellis, such as a wire tomato cage, to increase the leaf-to-fruit ratio of your cucumbers. It will increases the yield and make them easier to pick.

Organic mulch (like straw) on your hills will increase your yields as well.

Putting in two plantings, one month apart, will stretch your season

For areas with very hot summers, grow a second crop in early fall, using row covers as it gets colder.

Cucumbers often do well following cabbage-family crops in rotation.

Intercrop with crimson clover between rows just as the cukes begin to send out vines. The clover will grow beneath the cucumber vines, keeping them cooler, shading out weeds, helping deter pests. It will become well-rooted before winter and feed your soil.


organic muncher cucumber

Muncher cucumber

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Make your mouth water in anticipation with this gazpacho recipe.


armenian cucumber seed

Armenian cucumber

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