Gardening Like A Bull In A China Shop!

Posted: December 5, 2013

Pulling Weeds at Sow True Seed Asheville NCMy gardening activities could once have been compared to a bull in a china shop! I was reckless and impatient in my desire to weed, dig and plant my garden. When I was younger, it was as if my plants might sprout legs and walk away if I took the time to find the right tool! So, I pulled and tore and kicked and bent and scraped away. I attacked my garden, it attacked back, and we both probably came off worse.

I’m older now. I consider myself more of a workhorse in a china shop! Sometimes mellow and happy, other times stubborn and intense, but properly trained and prepared for the task. I learned that plants are amazing and will survive in the most incredible ways, but I also learned how I could support them to thrive.

Using the right tools for the job! Sow True Seed Garden Tools

Here’s the wisdom I’ve learnt that I’d like to have shared with my younger self: gardening isn’t a frivolous hobby; it’s a way of life; it’s a vocation! A vocation requires determination and finesse. A vocation requires the proper tools for the job, and those tools help keep your body in-tact so you can continue to enjoy your gardening!

At Sow True Seed we recognized that we should be supporting this wisdom, so we asked our customers (YOU!) what your favorite, most treasured and most useful tools are in the garden. That’s how we came up with our excellent selection of garden goodies! These tools would make great gifts for the holidays, or just because! Maybe a birthday gift or a special thank you for all those zucchini that mysteriously appear on your doorstep each summer!

Garden Tool At Sow True Seed

v-gardening-essentials-green-garden-apronItems that are really worth checking out include the Green Garden Work Apron, made from hemp and organic cotton with five pockets for easy access to seed packets and hand tools. I really could have used this during my clay hacking college days.

We are also stocking several models of the Silky Saws Pocketboy Folding Saws. There are several options for the blade, extra-fine, fine or large teeth, as well as brightly colored, easy to spot handles.  The blades are rust resistant and have two locking positions for ergonomic ease in addition to rubberized handles.  These double for the gardener in your family or the outdoor enthusiast.  A high quality lightweight packable saw, useful under many circumstances!

silky saw pocketboy folding knife asheville nc

Speaking of ergonomics, a Garden Knee Pad is a great gift for anyone who is a dirt loving ground worshiper. I myself am prostrate much of the summer and this knee pad is no-joke. It is a full 2” of knee pad, ridged for non-slip grip and with a handle for carrying or vertical storage.

knee pad and cobra-head garden tool asheville nc sow true seed

The Cobra-head Weeder and Cultivator also makes a good gift for those prostrate neat garden types.  This tool is so versatile it can replace several garden hand tools at once.  It has a curved head and tempered steel blade with a composite flax/recycled plastic handle. Venomous to even the most stubborn weeds, this tool will thrill any garden lover.


For someone you think is becoming an enthusiastic gardener, what about a gift collection of seed with some high quality gloves or an eco-groovy sunhat to go with them?  Put it all together in a gift basket and you are giving the gift of a transformative experience.

v-gardening-essentials-honey-beeNow for the kids.  Yes KIDS!! Just because there aren’t any battery operated whizz-bangs or bright colors doesn’t mean these gifts won’t pack a punch. The outcome could last a lifetime! We have kids gloves and a kid’s garden collection of seed. I can vouch for the pure enchanting power of the Dragon Tongue Bean to young kids hunting for them on the vines. They are sweet to eat raw and if you miss a few they don’t get tough. They are the perfect gateway crop for child-gardeners.

Share the gifts of the well tended garden and the well tended spirit during this season of giving.  And may you reap the many blessings of the garden throughout the year with Sow True Seed.

Written by Sow True Seed Blogger Megan Schneider.

COMPETITION CLOSED – THANK YOU. The WINNER, by random selection, is Deborah! Thank you to everyone else for your diverse and interesting and useful range of garden tools. GO GARDENERS!

196 responses to “Gardening Like A Bull In A China Shop!”

  1. i use my small hand shovel the most! i use it for many things!

  2. Kelly Stettner says:

    Most-used garden tool has to be my long-handled cultivator. I pull weeds, spread out soil, and break up field mouse burrows with that red-pronged baby.

  3. susan vetrone says:


  4. My hands are my favorite gardening tool! 🙂
    Happy Holidays Sow True!

  5. Kimberly says:

    I am in love with my pruners, which are handy for so many tasks and really pretty. They are wrapped in a pink floral plastic coating, which protects them from dirt and water and of course helps them to look sensational. They happen to be super tough too, cutting through even thick, knarley trunks of old shrubbery. They are happiest cutting pretty flowers though, of course. 🙂

  6. Tina Galloway says:

    Yes Please!

  7. Suzanne says:

    It is hard to find good garden gloves. I would love to try yours.

  8. Mollie Curry says:

    Hori hori–and gloves!

  9. Johnathan Freeman says:

    My most used garden tool is my hands. I try to do as much by hand, until things are overwhelming. I then like to use my weeding rake.

  10. Jeff Belflower says:

    My trusty triangular headed hoe!

  11. Mary Anne McCoy says:

    My used garden tool is my pruners.

  12. Nadeen Stotts says:


  13. Devon Morgan says:

    My sankaku hoe. Let’s you get weeds when they’re small…I love it!

  14. Susan says:

    My most useful garden tools are my two children!

  15. Susan Polk says:

    My most used gardening tool? How do I pick just one? I am going with my wheelbarrow. I helps me make less trips and saves my back.

  16. Sandee Hughes says:

    The garden tool that I have to use the most is the spade.

  17. Dale Jackson says:

    can’t think of the name but it has four curved teeth with a handle bar above to hand till the soil.

  18. Ben Grimes says:

    My most used tool is a Gulland Forge Broadfork from Siler City blacksmith Larry Cooper. I use this tool to aerate soil before planting, dig potatoes and carrots, aerate compost and pull stubborn weeds!

  19. Dawn Sherwood says:

    Actually, gloves are my most used, followed closely by my Felco pruners and my cobrahead.

  20. amanda fisk says:

    favorite tool is an english rabbit spade

  21. Sheila Kumpe says:

    Yes Please!

  22. Carol H says:

    I could really use these!

  23. Elizabeth Russell says:

    My gloves! Which have holes in them 🙁

  24. Nessa Warner says:

    I’d be lost without the knee pad.

  25. Cori Hatfield says:

    Yes Please!

  26. Amy says:

    I would love to learn more about the Cobra. I can’t see it well enough in the pictures to tell if it it has teeth, is a sharp (can be sharpened blade) or what. Can you publish more details about it with a close up of the blade. I once had a weeder that seems similar that I loved and would like to find one like that. BTW–your knee pad looks awesome, I have used ones that were a lot thinner in the past, though this one looks excellent for my knees that soooo love that kind of support with comfort.

  27. Ann says:

    My most used tool is a Hand Cultivator!

  28. MJ Feigal says:

    Small handheld gardening shears! When blades are locked, I use them to score rows in dirt for seeds, flick out weeds…when used as regular shears, used to trim plants (still learning when and how to do this!)…and Yes, please! Thanks.

  29. Annie G says:

    My hands!

  30. Melanie says:

    My most used garden tool is my felco pruners with the rolling handle. Expensive but sort every penny as it is easy on the hands and wrists when doing lots of cutting.

  31. I garden in New Orleans, so the one tool I can never do without is my SUNHAT! It helps protect me from sunburn and keeps me cool(ish) through our long summers.

  32. Definately my Warren (pointed) hoe. Keep it sharp, and it’s magic around seedlings and mature plants too.

  33. Jessica Boyd says:

    My favorite tool is our precision garden seeder.

  34. Megan White says:

    Yes Please!

  35. Morgan Johnson says:

    I’m probably a bull in a china shop, because my favorite tool is my hands!

  36. Jenn H says:

    My most used garden tool are my dramm garden shears (little hand held nippers)

  37. gloria bailey says:

    My favorite tool is my Council Tools Ground Hog. A hit at the Cooperative Extension!

  38. Jennifer Barrington says:

    My favorite tool is a weeder-I used to do most of my weeding using my fingertips, and would have raw hands by the time my veggies were ready to be picked

  39. barbara says:

    yes, please

  40. Emily Bartlett says:

    My most used and most prized gardening tool has been known through three generations as the ‘Little Digger’, a small, triangle shaped hoe that retains the perfect sharpness for removing stubborn weeds around delicate roots. A number of years ago we were going through the gardening shed behind my husband’s Grandfather’s house after he passed away, with specific instructions to retrieve this prized possession. At first glance it was nowhere to be found. No one in the family was interested in the china or crystal. It was a sad time and we were all struggling with putting the family homestead on the market. But because we were scattered across the south like thistle seed husks after the finches have visited the feeder, it became a necessity. While our search continued, we all reminisced about the Iris beds and Peonies that had been so loving tended with that hoe, its handle shown with a patina from many hands over the years, hands that were long gone. We had to find it. In the back of the shed, tucked into a corner along with bamboo poles and a garden umbrella, the Little Digger was found and now lives in my garden shed in Tryon, tending to the same Iris and Peonies.

  41. CJ Parvin says:

    Stirrup Hoe –
    Yes, PLEASE!!!
    They look like wonderful gloves!

  42. samm simpson says:

    My favorite tool is my shovel, cause I’m always figuring out a new area to get into.

  43. Trevor Nash says:


  44. Kerstin DeRolf says:

    I like my Japanese weeding sickle/Dutch Hand Hoe the best – multiuse just like the tool you mention above, but I have weeded entire (huge) beds with it. I started using one when Martha Steward had it in her Kmart garden collection, and replace it every so often to update it.

  45. diane coglietta says:

    I would say my manure fork, its great for raking sifting and even makes a great snow shovel !!

  46. Dawn Cronk says:

    I absolutely love me garden tote. I sit on it, it has wheels and I can scoot along the rows, weeding, picking etc. Definitely saves my back!

  47. Noreen Kloc says:

    Florian Ratchet Cut tool.

  48. Selene Carroll says:

    My favorite is my backwards spade, however, I have a feeling that Cobra-head weeder and cultivator would be my new favorite if I had one!

  49. Debbie Moody says:


  50. Cathy Streett says:

    I love my Big Grip Garden Knife from Fiskars. I use it to dig, weed, and split transplants. You can cut/saw through large root balls with this great tool.

  51. David Cozzo says:

    I found a tubtrug on the highway and use it often. It’s my favorite tool for spreading compost and other goodies, hauling small loads of mulch, and harvesting my bounty. That’s if my wife isn’t using it when she weeds (such a wonderful lady!). Very handy!

  52. Sheryl Norton says:

    My Rolling Garden Seat – I can’t get down on my knees anymore. I can roll wherever I need to go in the garden – and the tractor seat is cool!

  53. Pam Murphy says:

    Love my Hudson sprayer for gentle watering of seedlings and spraying organic fertilizer.

  54. John Steffa says:

    My favorite garden tool? Garden fork…for digging sweet potatoes of course!

  55. Morgan Johnson says:


  56. debbie lynch says:

    My most used gardening tool is my HUBBY!!!!! HA!HA!HA!!!!!…….and my hoe!!! I live in North Myrtle Beach,S.C. and I LOVE SOW TRUE SEEDS!!!! I have ordered online and have been very pleased with my seeds.Thank-You all for all the fine work that ya’ll do God Bless!!!

  57. Mike Fortier says:

    My favorite is my Korean hoe, very versatile (trenches, weeds & is a good hoe) and light weight too.

  58. Amy T. says:

    An old, well-forged, pointy-tipped, short-shaft, d-handled spade which needs my old, well-used, blunt-nailed, large-fingered, broad hands in brand new gloves!

  59. Leslie says:

    A hand weeder is always a good tool to have on hand! Thanks!!

  60. Gene Rockwell says:

    My half size shovel.

  61. Anne says:

    We actually use the hoe the most for mixing extra mulch and soil after the chickens have done their job.

  62. Leah Schonewolf says:

    This time of year the rake helps me a lot for getting the free organic materials from my path and driveways.

  63. Rivers says:

    Yes Please

  64. my Favorite tool is a little garden shovel!

  65. Carolyn Roof says:

    Cobrahead is my favorite and indestructible tool. One very dry, very hot August it allowed me to dig daffodil bulbs in what can best be described as concrete

  66. Judy says:

    My husband is my favorite gardening tool!

  67. Edith Reinhardt says:

    Yes Please

  68. Shelley says:

    Couldn’t agree more with your Cobrahead tool selection! Definitely a blessing to those “stubborn and intense” moments of weeding, hoeing, transplanting, working compost into soil…this tool helps in every way.

  69. Louise Pearson says:

    My sons

  70. Robin says:

    garden shears

  71. Jo Esman says:

    the worms that live in my garden

  72. Addie says:

    My favorite gardening tool is either my hands or my Gloves!

  73. josette giacobbi says:

    yes, please

  74. Serenity Smile says:

    My hands!

  75. Heather says:

    Yes, please!

  76. Deborah Goss says:

    Yes, please! A trowel is most useful for me!

    • Sow True Seed says:

      What an awesome list of tools – I feel like I need to build a tool shed and go shopping. Although, as a lot of you acknowledged, our hands, husbands, wives and children make pretty good garden tools too 🙂 Deborah Goss is the lucky and randomly selected winner. Congratulations and thank you all for sharing.

  77. Corinne Becker says:

    My husband, who I affectionately call “Pepe”, when I ask him to dig another hole!

  78. Emily zielke says:

    I LOVE my pruners and sharpener. There are few tasks as fun as cleaning up plants with the right pair!!

  79. TOM says:


  80. Sarah says:

    My favorite gardening tool is my chickens. All winter they scratch thru my mulch, tilling and weeding for me. Keeps the dirt fluffy! And they eat all the bugs and weeds/weed seeds that might be wintering over.

  81. Cathy P says:

    Probably my imagination and analytical brain is the most used garden tool. I spend a LOT of time, year-round, thinking, planning, picturing, imagining…and wondering what went wrong, stewing over failures, etc.

  82. Kalia says:

    I use a hand shovel most often, and a small hoe second.

  83. Julia contino says:

    My favorite garden tool is one I bought about 20 years ago at a locale agway store it is a triangle on one side and 2 forks on the other end i plant most everything with this.

  84. Dirk Braak says:

    Sure do like those Gloves!!

  85. Dirk Braak says:

    I WANT those Gloves!!

  86. Chris Beach says:

    My most used garden tool would be the hose! No other tool is necessary if you don’t water and nothing grows.

  87. Bernice Peltier says:

    Hands (in gloves!) and my Joyce Chen scissors.

  88. Renea Acree says:

    I would have to say my hoe and small shovel.


  89. Joyce Spindler says:

    I have used a kneeling pad for years but a couple years ago I picked up a pair of knee pads on the end of season clearance table and haven’t used the pad since. Two thick forms of foam rubber a length of wide elastic with some Velcro and I put them on as I go out the door and wear them till I come in. I forget I have them on but they are right there when I kneel down.

  90. Lynn Goss says:

    My most used tool is my trowel.

  91. My absolute most favorite garden tool is the one you’re showing in almost every picture !!! You’re kneeling on it !! I love a good kneeling cushion or pad for my poor old knees. If my knees are comfy, I’m comfy! Thanks for the glove offer !! Look great !

  92. I use my dog. lol She is great at digging new holes for new plants and she even keeps rabbits, deer and other pesks away. She is my best gardening buddy 🙂

  93. Glenda Edgell says:

    The gloves that protect my hands are my most favorite tool. I use them every day.

  94. Mary Fierle says:

    I use an old serrated knife for many garden chores!

  95. Crystal says:

    My hands!! So much easier to just dig and pull and spread the soil just how I want it!!

  96. Diane Mcintosh says:

    A small garden trowel my husband gave me years ago!

  97. Paul Weaver says:

    yes please

  98. Crystal Kochert says:

    I think the tool I use the most is my trusty trowel. I love to set in the plants I have started myself. Just got me a small greenhouse for this coming spring, excited about that !

  99. Gina says:

    What a tough question! There are the tools, of course — the gloves, shovels, small trowel, wheelbarrow. But, on consideration, I have to say the most important tool I have in the garden are my powers of observation — does that mean my brain? Seeing and noticing — everything else is gravy.

  100. beverly warrick says:

    Let’s see….of course it is the greatest tool ever created, the hand. It can scoop, shovel, scratch, smooth, weed, cradle and plant a seedling with grace…..need I go on. Thank you to our Creator! Of course these gloves will do a wonderful job protecting these hands, thanks to you.

  101. Janet Benson says:

    My gloved fingers are my most used tool

  102. Julia H. says:

    I love my garden knife!

  103. Janet Miller says:

    Hands down, it’s my garden gloves. I always slip them on when I go to work in the yard.

  104. Becky says:

    Our small collection of Rogue hoes kick butt and I really like my Felco pruners, too! And of course our wheelbarrow comes in mighty handy.

  105. Jean says:


  106. susan says:

    My favorite garden tool is my husband who wears a Navy workshirt picked up at an Army Navy store years ago.The name on the shirt is “BINDERNAGEL” and Bindernagel is so helpful and much better gardening than my husband! And far more interesting!

  107. Donna says:

    I have had and used this tool for many years. I can not recall how I obtained it. The head is metal, shaped like an arrowhead. It is on a long handle so I use it standing. I have tried to find another in the event mine breaks, but though I have searched long and hard I have not found one. I hope you can so you can carry it!

  108. Lyndall says:

    My favorite gardening tool is a trowel that I use so much it has a piece missing from it. It’s now resting in the shed waiting for the next gardening detail. My biggest problem is finding gardening gloves that last. The last new ones I used had holes in them before I was done using them once. So would love to try the ones you are offering.

  109. Karen says:

    My hori-hori knife–it digs, cuts, weeds and seeds!

  110. Maria says:

    My radius trowel is the most used!

  111. Ben Adkins says:

    my most loved tool is my old trusty mini Cultivator & Mattock with a 2 foot handle because i slide along using it to plant n weed then hook my wheelchair to drag it behind m

  112. Asia Campbell says:

    My favorite garden tool is my hands!

  113. joann says:

    my hand digger and shovel

  114. Marcy says:

    Yes, please! I’m really, really shy…

  115. I have a hand cultivator that I use most often. Great for breaking up the earth, mixing in compost, breaking up root balls, getting leaves out of tight spaces, even digging holes.

  116. Chris says:

    I keep my pruners in my back pocket, handy at all times.

  117. Carrie says:

    My favorite tool in the garden would have to be my flame weeder.I love using this thing, and it’s fairly inexpensive to buy ( I got mine at Walmart). It’s a great way to rid your garden of any kind of weed, without having to use any chemicals, sprays, or pesticides. The effects last for months, and let’s face it, the fire thing is pretty cool, as long as you are careful. It has so many other uses around the yard too, and cuts the time you spend weeding in half. I don’t know how I ever did without one.

  118. Tom says:

    My wagon to haul thing to and from my 4ooo sq ft garden

  119. Miguel Cruz says:

    Got to say it’s my gloves i got from sew tru seeds, they are the best.

  120. Kamala says:

    My hands! Yes please I could use a pair of gloves!

  121. Ruth says:

    Garden Bandit! No other garden tool compares for up close and personal weeding

  122. Cary says:

    Honestly, I love a standard shovel. I just love digging holes.

  123. debbie says:

    My kneeling pad is used the most.

  124. ellen says:

    The most useful tool in the big garden for me is the trusty tiller. The raised beds its the little spade. thank you

  125. Trisha says:

    Yes please!

  126. kathy long says:

    I love using my hands because I love the feel of dirt through my fingers! But my hands look pretty rough and could use some gloves.

  127. Graham says:

    Just my trowel and watering can.

  128. Ken Holloway says:

    The tool I use the most is my BACK! Bending to weed, lifting tons of delicious vegges, kneeling to plant and on and on. Anyone who loves gardening knows the tool we use the most is our back, legs, mussels and hands. And speaking of hands, those gloves would sure feel good on mine!

  129. Rebecca Ward says:

    Pruners & a small gardening shovel passed down from my grandmother. I have to try that cobra tool, though, as it looks like it could outrank both.

  130. Jenni cannon says:

    Yes pleeeeese! I use my gloves and hula hoe the most.

  131. William says:

    I’ve gone through two trowels this past year, so that’s probably my most valued tool…though the spade is pretty valuable too!

  132. Sandra Ducharme says:

    Long handled round shovel – don’t leave home without it- literally. Have 1 for home and 1 in the truck bed.

  133. van burnette says:

    Got to be my hands pulling weeds that I dug into with my hand spade

  134. JJ says:

    Yes please! 🙂

  135. Jan says:

    …can’t do without the knee pad.

  136. Brenda M says:

    My dog knows its time to get to work when I put on my visor or straw hat, my clogs or my boots and my gloves!

  137. Jonathan Michno says:

    my trusted shovel bought it brand new last year

  138. Jonathan Michno says:

    my trusted shovel of course bought it new last year

  139. Lilly Emendy says:

    Couldn’t live without my pruners, but for where I work the stirup hoe comes in very handy with all of my path weeding!

  140. Troy says:

    I love my wheel hoe and I’d love to try out those gloves!

  141. Billie Cooke says:

    I don’t have many tools so I would say I use my shovel the most.

  142. Janita says:

    A good pair of gloves

  143. Jessie Stampfli says:

    Best tool: SNAKE TONGUE, it has a handle and 12″ straight steel and at the end looks like a snakes tongue used for popping out weeds and I even use it for digging small holes to plant.

  144. Susan says:

    My hands are my favorite tool. So Yes Please!

  145. Kate says:

    A good pair of gloves, which is SO hard to find!

  146. Anthony says:

    Yes please.

  147. Edie Hoyle says:

    Without a doubt it would be my wonderful husband Mike. Without him I would not have my raised garden beds, my all season greenhouse and all the back breaking work done that is difficult for me to do alone. Love u Mike:)

  148. JJ Webb says:

    My 2 kids are my favorite gardening tools! I love being out in the garden with them!

  149. marci says:

    I would have to say probably my amish- made how with tapered ends. It is so lightweight yet useful for so many tasks!

  150. Dana Buchbinder says:

    I like my new watering can best. Gloves promo: Yes please!

  151. George Graine says:

    Fiskars multi-purpose garden shears – great for cutting down ornamental grass, finished perennials, and many other plants that need a “haircut.”

  152. Christine Schneider says:

    I would have to say my favorite tool is my hands. Gloves are probably a good idea. You should see my hands!

  153. Carol Palmer says:

    A small swivel stool to sit on using my hori hori knife. I can weed for hours.

  154. Kim says:

    Yes please. 🙂

  155. Couldn’t live without my Felco pruners and a good pair of gloves!

  156. Pat Stewart says:

    My most useful tool in the garden is my stirrup hoe. That bad boy is the nemesis of weeds!

  157. David Hefner says:

    my wore out hoe is my favorite,just getting broke in good ,and a good pair of gloves always help from getting splinters

  158. Raina Willson says:

    My most used gardening tool are my own two hands! 😉

  159. I weed professionally for a living. I spend more time doing that than most any other task during the gardening season. Absolute #1 best tool I have ever had in almost 30 years of professional weeding is The Cobrahead Weeder. I can’t live without one now. It was so nice to see you start selling them.

  160. Kristina Kennedy says:

    My favorite tool is my screwdriver! Great for digging and getting weeds out!

  161. Judy Harris says:

    My hands.

  162. Nina Owens says:

    YES PLEASE! My favorite tool is an antique hand hoe and my second favorite is my pet turkey, who is my gardening companion.

  163. Bonnie Sue says:

    My favorite tools for gardening are my hands.

  164. MY KEYHOLE GARDENS, have built ten (Google)

  165. Katherine Adams says:

    My stirrup hoe and my hands. Love the feel of the soil.

  166. Brandon Carter says:

    Yes please!

  167. My hands are my most often used gardening tool, and they could use a good pair of gloves.

  168. Linda Hutchison says:

    Yes, please. Hard to choose between my hand trowel and my Felco pruners.

  169. Lynda Pollock says:

    My favorite tool is a Smith and Hawkins garden fork I bought my husband 20 years ago – we use it constantly!

  170. Ruby says:

    love my multi purpose hori hori
    garden gloves are sexy

  171. Robin Day says:

    I love my cobra-head weeder!

  172. Frances K. Pekala says:


  173. Alison says:

    I LOVE my Hoss double wheel hoe and implements (plow, cultivator, seeder, oscillating weed blades). I use my wheel hoe for my 1/4 acre garden.

  174. James Manco says:

    My Corona pruners and a good pair of gloves for my blackberries

    My cobra for the garden

    Yes please

  175. Lauren says:

    yes please

  176. My shovel, onion hoe and a bucket! My computer I write bloom where your planted for the llano news, and monteque magazine. Inspiration and seeds, growing green.jannie

  177. Sue says:

    My hands. It is fun to get all dirty. In the summer my nails are not very girly – they are often clipped short, stained green with dirt under them that has to be scrubbed out. Maybe I need to wear gloves more often! 🙂

  178. Karen says:

    My small hand shovel and Felco bypass pruners, I always have the two in my toolbelt. Yes please!

  179. Jessa madosky says:

    It was my gardening gloves, but my dog hid them somewhere so I really need a new pair!

  180. Nicole says:

    Yes, please!

  181. Lynne Lightowler-Buck says:

    My most favorite garden tool is the trowel hand-made for me by my spouse. He used to do horse shoeing so was adept at forging and forming metal. The handle is the really neat thing as he used the natural form of a piece of a tree limb and then tightened it at the ends with wire. I go a wee bit ballistic when I can’t find it as I really treasure it: for its creation and because it’s a workhorse that keeps on going!

  182. Evelyn S. Fisher says:

    My hands, of course.

  183. Molly B says:

    Hand cultivator, hoe ,my hands and strong back.
    Yes, please, I really need some new gloves.

  184. Kathy Carrillo says:

    I am impressed with your products.

  185. Jennifer Vieth says:

    I just love reading what everyone else’s favorite tools are! My favorite would have to be my cobra head. I use it for weeding, planting, and harvesting.

  186. Jacque Strawder says:


  187. James Judd says:

    Yes, Please!

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