Gardening Like A Bull In A China Shop!

Posted: December 5, 2013

Pulling Weeds at Sow True Seed Asheville NCMy gardening activities could once have been compared to a bull in a china shop! I was reckless and impatient in my desire to weed, dig and plant my garden. When I was younger, it was as if my plants might sprout legs and walk away if I took the time to find the right tool! So, I pulled and tore and kicked and bent and scraped away. I attacked my garden, it attacked back, and we both probably came off worse.

I’m older now. I consider myself more of a workhorse in a china shop! Sometimes mellow and happy, other times stubborn and intense, but properly trained and prepared for the task. I learned that plants are amazing and will survive in the most incredible ways, but I also learned how I could support them to thrive.

Using the right tools for the job! Sow True Seed Garden Tools

Here’s the wisdom I’ve learnt that I’d like to have shared with my younger self: gardening isn’t a frivolous hobby; it’s a way of life; it’s a vocation! A vocation requires determination and finesse. A vocation requires the proper tools for the job, and those tools help keep your body in-tact so you can continue to enjoy your gardening!

At Sow True Seed we recognized that we should be supporting this wisdom, so we asked our customers (YOU!) what your favorite, most treasured and most useful tools are in the garden. That’s how we came up with our excellent selection of garden goodies! These tools would make great gifts for the holidays, or just because! Maybe a birthday gift or a special thank you for all those zucchini that mysteriously appear on your doorstep each summer!

Garden Tool At Sow True Seed

v-gardening-essentials-green-garden-apronItems that are really worth checking out include the Green Garden Work Apron, made from hemp and organic cotton with five pockets for easy access to seed packets and hand tools. I really could have used this during my clay hacking college days.

We are also stocking several models of the Silky Saws Pocketboy Folding Saws. There are several options for the blade, extra-fine, fine or large teeth, as well as brightly colored, easy to spot handles.  The blades are rust resistant and have two locking positions for ergonomic ease in addition to rubberized handles.  These double for the gardener in your family or the outdoor enthusiast.  A high quality lightweight packable saw, useful under many circumstances!

silky saw pocketboy folding knife asheville nc

Speaking of ergonomics, a Garden Knee Pad is a great gift for anyone who is a dirt loving ground worshiper. I myself am prostrate much of the summer and this knee pad is no-joke. It is a full 2” of knee pad, ridged for non-slip grip and with a handle for carrying or vertical storage.

knee pad and cobra-head garden tool asheville nc sow true seed

The Cobra-head Weeder and Cultivator also makes a good gift for those prostrate neat garden types.  This tool is so versatile it can replace several garden hand tools at once.  It has a curved head and tempered steel blade with a composite flax/recycled plastic handle. Venomous to even the most stubborn weeds, this tool will thrill any garden lover.


For someone you think is becoming an enthusiastic gardener, what about a gift collection of seed with some high quality gloves or an eco-groovy sunhat to go with them?  Put it all together in a gift basket and you are giving the gift of a transformative experience.

v-gardening-essentials-honey-beeNow for the kids.  Yes KIDS!! Just because there aren’t any battery operated whizz-bangs or bright colors doesn’t mean these gifts won’t pack a punch. The outcome could last a lifetime! We have kids gloves and a kid’s garden collection of seed. I can vouch for the pure enchanting power of the Dragon Tongue Bean to young kids hunting for them on the vines. They are sweet to eat raw and if you miss a few they don’t get tough. They are the perfect gateway crop for child-gardeners.

Share the gifts of the well tended garden and the well tended spirit during this season of giving.  And may you reap the many blessings of the garden throughout the year with Sow True Seed.

Written by Sow True Seed Blogger Megan Schneider.

COMPETITION CLOSED – THANK YOU. The WINNER, by random selection, is Deborah! Thank you to everyone else for your diverse and interesting and useful range of garden tools. GO GARDENERS!

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