Growing lettuce in the garden

Posted: July 19, 2017

I’ve been gardening for practically my whole life. I started out helping in my parents’ garden and graduated to my own once I was married with a family of my own. In every garden I’ve ever participated in lettuce has been grown in early spring, but after this growing season I will never think of garden lettuce as strictly a spring veggie.

Those first tasty leaves of lettuce after a long winter are hard to beat. My girls and I used to stand in the garden and pick the first tender leaves, eating them right there were we stood.

Having grown up in Appalachia each spring I looked forward to the first bowl of kill lettuce, actually I still do. Kill lettuce is a traditional Appalachian dish which consists of lettuce, onions, hot grease or oil and vinegar.

Growing up my parents grew Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce which is very tasty and works perfectly in kill lettuce as well as on sandwiches and burgers. Unfortunately, the lettuce is short-lived in the garden and quickly bolts as soon as warmer weather arrives.

This year my lettuce world has been changed forever due to Sow True Seed’s Jericho Lettuce. Wow! The lettuce is tasty with a nice crunch and even better than that it doesn’t mind the heat. Today is July 2 and my Jericho lettuce is still performing well and my family is still enjoying eating fresh lettuce straight from the garden.

Who knew lettuce could be part of the summer growing season as well as the spring!

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