Become a Wholesaler

Responsible Company plus Quality Seed equals Happy Customer and Happy YOU!

Our Wholesale Rack program is designed to give you the opportunity to offer our high-quality, beautifully designed seed packets to your customers. We aim to make the process of setting up a rack in your store quick and easy, and are committed to making the venture successful with help and advice. We have a range of options from full 120-pocket racks to smaller counter-top gift displays.

  • Year round, dedicated contact to help you through the purchase and ordering process. We are always happy to answer your questions.
  • Exclusively open-pollinated seed, which remains true to type when saved and replanted.
  • A diverse range of one hundred and sixty varieties are available at wholesale pricing, including heirloom, organic and Southern favorites.
  • We conduct external germination testing three times a year, to ensure high quality and reliable seed.

Beautiful Seed Packets

Artist Design Seed Packets - Arugula Organic

 Our range of 160 original, artist-created seed packets sell themselves!

Pick your seeds with Easy and Flexible Ordering Options

Best Sellers

Let us do the work for you! We will pick the best varieties for your region and rack size, and send you just what you need as the seasons change.

Custom Selection

Create you own variety selection from our list of 160 varieties offered for wholesale. You know your customers best; get more of the varieties that you know are popular in your store.Display Options

  • 40 Pocket- This rack consists of one panel. It comes with a stand or can be wall mounted. Ideal for small stores.
  • 80 Pocket- This rack consists of two panels. Can be mounted on our spinning floor stand or directly on the wall.
  • 120 Pocket- This rack consists of three panels. It comes with a rotating stand or can be wall mounted. Great for stores with a large sales volume. 


  • Buy Back- Seeds must be on display between March 24th and October 1st. This option has a smaller profit margin per packet but is eligible to receive credit for returned seed (up to 25% of entire season seed purchase).
  • Outright- Best option for high-volume stores with good sell through. The highest profit margin for our terms options, but is not eligible for returns for credit.

Themed Garden Gift Collections

Our themed garden gift collections are thoughtfully put together with the home gardener in mind. Perfect for gifts, they are hand packed with our high-quality, open-pollinated varieties in sturdy reusable tins featuring original artwork. Each collection includes a planting guide. Delight your customers with these collections shipped with a beautiful wooden counter-top display.

Themed Garden Gift Collection Wholesale Seed Rack

NEW in 2017!!!

Sow True Seed Organic Sprouting Seeds

Sprouting Seed Packets Image

These certified organic, non-GMO sprouting seeds come packaged in re-sealable bags. Perfect for long-term storage so you can grow some now and save the rest for later. Sprouting involves soaking, draining, and rinsing, seeds- a process that uses minimal equipment you already have in your kitchen.

  • 8 single varieties to choose from -Alfalfa, Buckwheat, Green Pea, Mung Pea, Red Clover, Lentil, Sunflower, Wheat Berries
  • 5 Sprouting Mixes -Broccoli Salad Mix, Lunch Punch Mix, Mega Protein Mix, Spicy Lentil Blend, Winter Blues Buster Blend

Organic Sprouting Seed Kit

Sprouting Seed Kits!

Kit contains two of our most popular varieties- Lunch Punch Mix and Spicy Lentil Blend, 1 quart Mason Jar, a screw on plastic sifting screen, and instructions to get you sprouting.

Seed Bombs

Seed Bomb Kits!Seed Bomb Kit

These kits contain high quality Red Art clay, Rich organic compost, a mix of easy to grow wildflowers, and detailed instructions. Everything pre-measured for your customer, so all they need to do add is water and shape. These make great gifts and are good family fun!

For more information feel free to call 828-254-0708 or EMAIL. You can also see a list of our current participating vendors HERE.