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Custom Printed Seed Packets for Events and Promotions

Our full color custom printed seed packets are a perfect promotional tool to use for giveaways, thank yous and  swag!

Know What You Want?

Custom Seed Packets for Events and Promotions


500+ Great Seed Choices

Browse our online seed shop  and choose a seed variety (we have 500+ varieties so something will speak to you!). We have packets priced from $2.50 through $3.95 and the bulk packet discount will be applied to the packet price. Need ideas? Check out our suggestions below.

How Many Packets

Decide how many packets you will need. We have price breaks based on the total quantity you order. This percent discount is applied to the packet price of the seed you choose. See the table below for details. If you store our seed packets in a cool, dark and dry place they'll remain viable for multiple events. 

Packet Options

We have five packet-color options to choose from: White, Cream, Flax, Paper and Stone. You also have the option to just customize the front of the packet or the front and the back. Options, examples and prices are explored below. 

Design It

We are very happy for you to design your own packet, applying your own brand or style. We'll supply a template and design specifications. If you don't have the design skills or software then our in house staff offer a basic layout service for logo and text placement. 

Get In Touch

Fill in the form below with as much detail as possible. Our custom packet manager will respond within 48hrs to confirm availability of your seed choice and begin the design and ordering process. 

Picking the Perfect Seed

You may know exactly what you want, in which case get in touch and we'll help you out. But if you're struggling for ideas we encourage you to think about a seed that is easy to grow for a wide range of people - you want people to have great experience with your gift. Seeds suitable for containers and annuals that grow quickly are great choices. Also pay attention to the season. Wild flower mixes, lettuce mixes and herbs are always popualr! Feel free to browse our shop or to find your perfect seed

Packet Options

Custom Seed Packet Color Options for Events and Promotions
Front Only Custom Printed Seed Packets

Front Only

The front only design is our simplest and cheapest option. The back of the packet will be pre-printed with standard Sow True Seed information, but the front is a blank canvas to spread you message and share your brand.


Affordable and easy design option: 3x4.75” design space with ⅛” margin.

Available in all packet color options: white, flax, cream, stone and paper.

$25 if you provide the design. $50 if you work with our staff to create the layout.


The front-back design opens up the back of the packet. You can use this for an extended planting guide, or further information your business, event or organization.


Quick, two-week turnaround time from proof to printing and packing.

Available in all packet color options: white, flax, cream, stone and paper.

$50 if you provide the design. $100 if you work with our staff to create the layout.

Full Bleed Printing

Full Bleed Printing means the packet is printed and then cut and folded, so you can print right to the edge of the packet. 


Full custom color background and/or edge to edge photographs.

Only available for 1000+ packet orders.

6 week turnaround time from approved proof to pick-up or shipping. 

$50 if you provide the design. $100 if you work with our staff to create the layout.


We offer a discount based on the quantity of customized seed packets that you order. Our packet costs range from $2.50 to $3.95 (for a few of our wildflower varieties).

Number of Packets 0-24 25-74 75-149 150-249 250-499
Discount on Packet Price 0% 15% 25% 35% 45%
Number of Packets 500-999 1000-2499 2500-4999 5000-9999 10000+
Discount on Packet Price 55% 60% 65% 70% Call for Quote

Once you have decided on the type of seed and how many packets, it's time to figure out your design options. We can do Front Packet Only, Front and Back Packet or Full Bleed. Details and prices are below.

You Design We Layout
Front Only plus $25 plus $50
Front and Back plus $50 plus $100
Full Bleed plus $50 plus $100

If you're interested in designing the front and would like us to print the back of the packet with our standard variety planting information, we can do a hybrid You Design Front, We Layout the Back for $75.

Additional Fees
  • For Front Only and Front-Back packet printing we can do a 1 week turnaround from approved proof to shipping or pick-up for a plus $25 surcharge.
  • All our packets come with the Sow True Seed logo and the tagline, Custom Designed & Handpacked in Asheville NC. We can remove this branding for a plus $25 surcharge.
  • Shipping and taxes are charged as required.

Get a Quote

Please call for a custom quote if Quantity is over 10,000


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