Pea Trellises

Posted: March 2, 2011

There is nothing like a fresh pea off the vine. They are like candy and so good for you. Pisum Sativum are a very good source of dietary fiber, protein, vitamin C and K, B vitamins like niacin,  thiamin, B6 and folate, and minerals like manganese, phosphorus and copper. My favorite is the Oregon Sugar Pod.

There are all kinds of pea trellises, from humble sticks and string, to precisely built wooden ones, to architectural wonders. Materials used includes bamboo, scrap wood, branches, wrought iron…

Here are some examples and links to get your creative juices flowing.



Pea trellis at the Getty Center in Los Angeles, via


From Organic Gardening Magazine, via Mixedgreens blog


Another from Organic Gardening via Mixedgreens blog

Ewa in the garden’s blog has a round up of 15 different trellis ideas, including this lovely arch:

ewa in the garden arch

Here’s a simple arch made of irrigation pipe and scrap fencing from The Garden Forums


diy trellis

simple scrap materials make a functional trellis

Things to consider: cost; materials you have on hand; how many seasons you want it to last; is it sturdy enough for the weight of the plants on a windy day; how tall are your peas going to grow; can you double the use of it for beans or cucumbers later in the season; how easy is it to harvest from…

Have fun and please share a picture of what you come up with.

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