Originally from West Africa, okra runs in the blood of many Southerners for whom summer is not complete without a plate of gumbo, lightly battered fried okra or a side of pickled pods. The stunning plants belong to the mallow family with the relation to hibiscus readily apparent by the flowers, so be sure to make ornamental plantings in addition to those marked for harvest. For best yields pick every other day during the season but special care should be taken when harvesting because it can irritate the skin of some gardeners. Nutrients: vitamins B6, C, and K, folate, calcium, manganese.

  • Granddaddy’s Okra

  • Aunt Hettie’s Red Okra

  • Bear Creek Okra

  • Benoist Okra

  • Bradford Family Okra

  • Cherokee Long Pod Okra

  • Hodnett Special Okra

  • Jing Orange Okra, ORGANIC

  • The Kibler Family Okra

  • Langston Longhorn Okra

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    Martha Bruns Okra

  • Clemson Spineless 80 Okra, ORGANIC

  • Emerald Okra

  • Hill Country Red Okra

  • Perkins Long Pod Okra, ORGANIC

  • Red Burgundy Okra
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